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Casting call for theater production tonight in Oxford

December 12, 2011
The Arts Council is working with CREATE Foundation on a project to bring The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theatre Festival and Infinite Theatre company to Mississippi for a production of Orpheus Descending.  The goal of the production is to build relationships between other Tennessee Williams Festivals to highlight the role of Mississippi in Tennessee Williams works.
The hope is that this partnership will raise the profile of theater and festivals in our region to a national scale.  To that end the company the CREATE is working with will be casting locally for roles to build relationships between local actors, facilities, and technical services.
Please help me spread the word about the Casting Call which will be at the Powerhouse, Monday, December 12th at 6pm.
The Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival (Massachusetts) and The Infinite Theatre (New York City) are seeking local, non-union volunteer actors for their upcoming production of ORPHEUS DESCENDING in Columbus, Oxford and Jackson, Mississippi, to be performed on the following dates:
 Thursday, February 23, 2012 – Rehearsal
 Friday, February 24 – Rehearsal and Performance
 Saturday, February 25 – up to two Performances
 Sunday, February 26, 2012 – Rehearsal and Possible Performance
 Monday, February 27 – Performance
 Tuesday, February 28 – Possible Performance
 Thursday, March 1, 2012 – Rehearsal
 Friday, March 2 – Performance
 Saturday, March 3 – up to two Performances
Roles Available
Male, 50’s. Southern. Could be either a large imposing man, overweight (the big and dumb type), OR the polar opposite, very short and little, still not much of a thinker. Needs to be able to be sweet as pie one moment and mean as hell the next.
Male, 30’s-50’s. Threatening and mean only by default. He is a loyal follower. The kind of guy who probably attends cock fights or dog fights in his spare time. Non-speaking.
Female 10-12 years old. A pretty girl with long dark hair to play Dolly Hamma’s Daughter. Her cheeks have the perpetual look of being rubbed a fresh red from her momma scubbin’ her face with soap. Non-Speaking.
Audition Information
Auditions will be held as follows:
Columbus on December 11 from 6-8 pm – Amzi-Love Home
Oxford on December 12, 6:00 pm – Powerhouse Communnity Arts Center
Jackson on December 14, time and location to be determined
Please bring a recent picture and a resume. Scene(s) from the play will be provided at the audition. Be prepared to read from the script and work with the director. If you have an audition monologue prepared, monologues will also be accepted.
CONTACT: Jef Hall-Flavin, 612.385.7965 for further information.

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