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Casting call for delta area

June 28, 2011

This short film is one of a small three part series (15-20 minutes each) that will be shot primarily in the Delta.  It explores small town death and removes the thin veil of romanticism within the Mississippi Delta.

There are three main characters for Part I:

Joe – Older farmer 50-65 years old. Has a bit of a belly and deep wrinkles showing his age.  Refuses to sell his farm land to an auto plant and is starting to regret it as times get hard. Matter of fact personality.

Joey – Joe’s son. About 20-25. Occasional meth user. Skinny and not the brightest. Tends to take his dad’s word as truth.

Dan – Works behind the counter at the Glenville Co-op. Mostly caters to the same group of older farmers that come through every day. Not very well respected. Well meaning, but his jokes and comments tend to fall flat.

Date:  July 7, 2011

Time:  6pm

Location:  Mad Genius

279 S. Perkins Street

Ridgeland, MS

If interested, please contact Zach Prichard at: (preferred)


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