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Jackson Jewish FF Line up

November 25, 2010


A Year of Celebration…. Nine Years of Bringing Great Israeli and Jewish-Themed Films to Jackson

& …. the 150th Anniversary of Beth Israel Congregation

Saturday, January 22, to Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AJAMI (2010) [Israel 2009, Color, 120 minutes, Arabic/Hebrew w/English Subtitles, Directors: Yaron Shani and Scandar Copti; Winner of the 2009 Israeli Academy Award for Best picture and nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Film.]

Saturday, January 22, 7pm

Millsaps College Academic Complex Recital Hall, 1701 North State Street (Jackson)

A suspenseful crime drama set on the mean streets of Jaffa’s Ajami neighborhood — a melting pot of cultures and conflicting views among Jews, Muslims and Christians — the film moves back and forth between characters — a young Israeli fighting a criminal vendetta against his family, a Palestinian refugee working illegally to finance a life-saving surgery, a Jewish police detective obsessed with finding his missing brother, and an affluent Palestinian dreaming of a future with his Jewish girlfriend — as we witness a dramatic collision of different worlds and the tragic consequences of enemies living as neighbors.




Sunday, January 23th, 2pm

Millsaps College Academic Complex Recital Hall, 1701 North State Street (Jackson)

Academy Award Winner Anthony Hopkins relates the previously untold story of a fearless American hero whose exploits are the stuff of legends.  You will have the feeling that you’re watching one of the greatest stories you’ve never been told unfold with all the twists of a great spy thriller.  Convicted gun runner for the Haganah, Las Vegas visionary, crusading newspaper publisher, target of the Watergate burglars, hero of Israel’s War of Independence and public battles with Senator Joseph McCarthy…these are only some the highlights of Hank Greenspun’s remarkable life.  Join us after the film for a discussion with the Director.

THE SECRETS (2008) [Israel 2007, Color, 127 minutes, Hebrew w/English Subtitles]

Monday, January 24 – Dinner Service Starts at 6:30pm/Movie Starts at 7:15pm

THE HISTORIC FAIRVIEW INN, 734 Fairview Street (Jackson)

The Chef at Sophia’s Restaurant is preparing a special prix fixe menu for this event.

[Check out your dinner options and cost at and RSVP to]

You are not required to have dinner if you wish to only come see this great film.

Naomi, the brilliant and pious daughter of an ultra orthodox rabbi finds herself at a crossroads of life choices when her mother dies and she is expected to immediately marry her father’s prodigy.  Her father allows her one year to study at a women’s religious seminary in Safed, the birthplace of the Kabala, in order to prepare herself for the sacrifices she will make as a wife.  Naomi and her new friend Michelle befriend a beautiful, mysterious older woman, Anouk, who is ill and living nearby who may or may not be Jewish, and may have committed a crime of passion.  Naomi devises a series of secret rituals to “purify” Anouk and purge her of her sins.  This journey into the forbidden leads to a growing attraction between the two girls and more crossroads are faced.  The Secrets presents the complexities of a religious lifestyle in a vibrant environment of youth, rebellion and desire.



FOR MY FATHER (2010) [Israel 2008, Color, 100 minutes, Hebrew/English Subtitles, Director: Dror Zahavi]

Tuesday, January 25, 7pm

Millsaps College Academic Complex Recital Hall, 1701 North State Street (Jackson)

Terek, a Palestinian suicide bomber, travels to Tel Aviv to redeem his Father’s honor.  When the explosive vest fails to detonate, he is forced to spend the weekend in Tel Aviv awaiting its repair.  He must live amongst the people he was planning to kill.  Terek connects with several Israelis, including the beautiful, Keren, who has cut off contact with her Orthodox family and upbringing.  With nothing to lose, Terek and Keren open up to one another, and an unlikely love blossoms between two isolated and damaged individuals.  Terek discovers the spark of life returning to fill his sole, but when the weekend ends, Terek must make the decision of his life.


The 2011 Jackson Jewish Film Festival brought to you by Beth Israel Congregation, Millsaps College Jewish Culture Organization and Jewish Cinema South/Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life


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