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Casting for short film in Oxford

October 18, 2010

A short film, written, produced and directed by Coop Cooper, will be shot in Clarksdale this December.

“The Best Day” is a 15-minute science fiction short about an innocent child in a dire situation. The child arrives home from school, excited that newly “resurrected” Mommy has returned, only to find that something is very wrong with her. When Mommy’s memories fully return, so do the tragedies of the past. They were once human, now part of a cruel experiment that repeats over and over… and it is all Daddy’s fault.

The shooting dates will be two weekends, December 4th – 5th and 11th – 12th.

Audition locations:

Auditions will be held to fill the three lead roles.

Lois McMurchy has been cast as the villain and two non-speaking roles will be played by crew members. The crew consists entirely of Clarksdale area residents.

Clarksdale, Mississippi – Friday October 22 from 4p-8pm at the Clarksdale Visitors Station at the historic Greyhound Bus Station 300 Issaquena Ave., Clarksdale, MS 38614    (Click here for map to the Visitors Station)

Oxford, Mississippi – Sunday October 24th from 12-5pm in Room 412 at the Ole Miss Student Union Building on the campus of the University of Mississippi.  (Click here for map to the Ole Miss Student Union).

Roles available:

DADDY – (Eligible age range: 19-40) Once an energetic and clean-cut businessman, Daddy has become weak and emotionally fragile. He suspects Mommy is about to leave him and the child which sends him spiraling into inconsolable grief. Petty and vengeful, he’s capable of anything when distraught. (NOTE: Looking for someone who resembles a 25-35 year-old) [3 scenes]

MOMMY – (Eligible age range: 19-35) Elegant and pretty, Mommy is disoriented from her resurrection. Zombie-like, she hardly notices her her doting child caring for her. When she finally does, she fills with warmth and becomes the loving mother her child always dreamed of… but like Daddy, Mommy has a dark side and the ultimate realization of the truth sends her into an intense rage. (NOTE: Looking for someone who resembles a 25-30 year old) [10 scenes]

CHILD – (BOY OR GIRL, eligible age range: 7-12) The sad child with an interest in robots desperately wishes for Mommy and Daddy to return so they can all be a happy family again. The news of Mommy’s return fills the child with renewed joy, but the sadness and worry creeps back in when it is revealed that Mommy is not herself. When Mommy goes into a rage, the child becomes intensely frightened and pleads for Mommy to snap out of it. (NOTE: This is the lead role and requires a minor with patience and a mature sensibility. Children who appear to look 6-10 years old are preferred.) [15 scenes]

For the sides and audition form, go to Small Town Critic.


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