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Main Squeeze shows doc…

September 2, 2010

By Melanie Addington

Staff Writer


Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, the perfect choice for outside dining and entertainment will be the Main Squeeze beginning on Monday.

Local film guru Ron Shapiro will kick off his film series this year with a weeklong screening of the haunting and beautiful documentary, “Man on Wire.”

The film is the story of Phillippe Petit, who also wrote the book that was adapted into the documentary. The documentary mostly looks at the events leading up to his daring 1974 high wire walk across the World Trade towers but also encompasses his personal relationships. The film that won an Oscar for best documentary is directed by James Marsh with cinematography by Igor Martinovic. While the documentary is informative, each image is akin to a piece of art with the director and DP weaving together a beautiful story.

“Everything about it is art,” Shapiro said. “It is overwhelming how good it is.”

Shapiro first saw the film in a theater in Memphis and knew that he wanted to bring it to Oxford. The same applies for numerous documentary films that rarely get screened in the community.

“There are too many documentaries that are so good and don’t get shown,” Shapiro said. “I love the idea of beng entertained while learning something.”

Shapiro said that he is now opening his kitchen to midnight every night and wants to begin incorporating more events in the evenings. Poetry readings, live music and movies will be staple fare at the Main Squeeze alongside the smoothies, burritos and tacos. The restaurant now also has a brown bag license and Shapiro said he will eventually work towards a liquor license. His focus on evening entertainment is to give people a place where they can dine, relax and be entertained.

To find out more about the movie schedule for Main Squeeze, visit their facebook page or their website at


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