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Where I Begin begins again

June 30, 2010
OXFORD TOWN – I wish I could say it had been my idea but after spending a week in Oxford, director Thomas L. Phillips knew that our new film “Where I Begin” just makes more sense if it were made in Oxford. After our fundraising party on Friday that brought us major support by raising funds but also just meeting so many great people that love movies, and after looking at the locations that could just as easily be Oxford as it was Kentucky, we have made a tough decision to leave Columbia and instead film here. While the change is a bit late and does cause us a little more work, we are both so happy to be able to bring this project to my hometown.
“I really love this town and have wanted to film here since coming to the Oxford Film Festival two years ago,” Phillips said.
We are finishing the last two weeks of fundraising and will now be moving towards doing location scouting around Lafayette County. Although this means some changes, most of the crew is remaining on board, and we look forward to making this an even bigger success by being filmed in Oxford.
Our fundraiser party had a great turnout with well over 100 people attending and Reverend Robert Reed and Jimbo Mathus performing our winning song “Town.” People also really enjoyed Rob Myers and Alice Walker’s performance of the “Where I Begin” song written for the movie by North Carolina musicians Jeramy Blackford and Troy Smith. Honey Bee Bakery generously donated a cake to the cause and in the spirit of indie film, we had food donations from friends and family. Cathead Vodka and University Designated Drivers also sponsored the event.
On Saturday we held a casting call that brought in about 50 people from all over the country but particularly quite a few talented people from Oxford, Tupelo and Memphis. The major talent from the area helped push the idea that had been in the back of our minds all week and we spent the rest of the weekend talking through the logistics of moving the film to Oxford. And we think it will definitely make the film better. The feel, look and talent of Oxford deserves to be part of this story and we can’t wait to bring the production here.
We will also be looking for crew to work from the area soon and will announce positions at
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