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Deadline near for music competition

June 17, 2010

Write an original song for our new movie WHERE I BEGIN, and if you win, have it featured prominently in the movie.

All genres are welcome into the competition.

You may write a song based on the synopsis of the film or request to read the entire screenplay.

Synopsis: A gritty southern indie film, Where I Begin: After 10 years away, Jacob thought that returning to his hometown after high school may find him the closure he sought. But for those he left behind, the consequences of one fateful night has forever altered their lives.
Haddy, who has spent her life in the shadow and whispers of her
fathers sins, is the only one brave enough to reach out to him. When Jacob returns, his mother Connie, best friend Tyler and the girl he tragically left in his wake, Kristen, find their paths once again intertwined as they separately face old ghosts. For Haddy, their lives act as a mirror to her own buried needs. She must face up to the reality that the small town she once loved may not be her future while Jacob searches for a way home again.

Winner will be announced at the Party/Fundraiser at the Powerhouse on University Avenue on Saturday June 25th in Oxford Mississippi, 6-8 PM

The song will also be played at the fundraiser.

All songs must be submitted via e-mail or CD by June 23rd in order to be considered.

For emailing songs, requesting info or to get the screenplay, send request to:

For mailing in a CD of the song send to:
Melanie Addington
115 Eagle Point Loop
Oxford, MS 38655

We look forward to hearing all of the new music!!!

For additional info and to learn more about the movie please visit:

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