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Atlanta FF: The Eyes of Me

April 30, 2010

The Eyes of Me is a compelling look at being young and blind at The Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The documentary played recently at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Four students, two freshmen and two seniors, are followed along for one year in which we get to know what makes them unique, their challenges and dealing with typical teen issues such as prom, dating and figuring out how to grown up.

Isaac dreams of being the first blind president but struggles with anger and wrong choices.

Chas (pictured above) struggles with financial independence as he discovers an unreliable roommate. Chas uses rap music as a means to work through his anger in understanding why he went blind.

Meagan began with no self-esteem, fully losing her sight at 17, she struggled at the blind school and ended up class valedictorian and has plans to focus on getting her master’s to become a counselor.

Denise is the darling of the film. A girl that seeks to feel like a princess and fall in love, she discovers after being rejected from a play back home that she can try again at TSBVA.

As we get to know these four blind teens, the focus becomes less on their being blind and more on how they struggle with the same issues of every teen, along with the added component of their disability. Finding out exactly what happens in a blind school and the good work that allows these students to explore more than just being “different,” since they are all united in their vision issues, is compelling.

This is one to definitely catch as it plays on PBS Independent Lens. For when it is playing in your area, visit:

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