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On Location: Memphis International Film Festival announces fest films

March 20, 2010

On Location: Memphis International Film Festival announced their 11th annual fest screenings yesterday with opening night film and world premiere, “Hometown Glory,” focusing on local teens in the 1970s who rushed into burning buildings to save lives. The festival also includes recent Oscar winner “The Cove,” the heartbreaking Japanese-American film that looks at dolphin slaughter.

Manning massive fire hoses, rushing into burning buildings and serving their community was an unparelled adventure in bravery for a tight-knit group of suburban Memphis teenage boys in the 1970’s.  HOMETOWN GLORY, written, directed and produced by Hollywood entertainment manager/publicist Ray Costa is a riveting documentary film that chronicles a subject he knows well.  As a teenager, Costa was among the ranks of Germantown, TN volunteers who risked their lives to protect their town. HOMETOWN GLORY will premiere on April 22 as the opening night film at 11th annual On Location: MEMPHIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL at the Malco Ridgeway Four.  Attending the event will be Ray Costa, composer George S. Clinton and the firefighters chronicled in the film.

Cross cutting archival footage, hundreds of vintage photos, present day interviews and dramatic reenactments, HOMETOWN GLORY pays homage to Chief Phil McCall who enlisted a dedicated force of adolescents that would fly from their classroom desks to battle blazes.  McCall, a father figure to the boys, would exert his considerable authority through brusque professionalism, punishment and an endearing support of his teenage charges that were required to maintain high grade point averages in order to participate in the program.  Tennessee native George S. Clinton (Austin Powers) composed the film’s score; Tim Russ (Star Trek Voyager, Samantha Who) narrated.

By the mid 1970’s, the population of Germantown had swelled to 20,000 residents and the local teens were trained firefighters. During the brutal Memphis fire fighters’ strike of 1978, the Germantown volunteers assisted that city, dodging gunfire to extinguish arsonists’ blazes. Additionally that same year, the crew traveled to Waverly, TN to offer aid in the catastrophic Union Tank Car explosion that took 16 lives, including the town’s fire and police chiefs.

“Becoming a firefighter at 16 was an invaluable experience,” acknowledges Ray Costa, “and we learned lessons that I apply everyday in my life.  Everyone profiled in the documentary has given back to the community and I wanted to find a way to honor the firefighters I worked with, the Chief’s legacy and the city of Germantown.”

As seen in the interviews, these teenagers have been transformed into grownups whose reminiscences and revelations convey a captivating tale. “Before they were men they were already heroes,” confirms the film’s narration: The courage, valor and commitment of a gusty group of Southern teens shines in HOMETOWN GLORY.

Other films in the festival are:

Animated Father and Sister South Korea
Animated Hazed Cananda
Animated Mu emptiness USA
Animated Prayers for Peace USA
Animated Rinky Dink Spain
Animated Skylight Canada
Animated The Magistical USA
Animated The Mouse That Soared USA
Animated Transparent Movement South Korea
Animated We are all here USA
Documentary At The Gates USA
Documentary Autism: Made in the USA USA
Documentary DIRTY – one word can change the world USA
Documentary The Rock A Fire Explosion USA
Documentary FAMILY AFFAIR USA/Memphis
Documentary – Opening Night Film Hometown Glory – WORLD PREMIERE USA/Memphis
Documentary Imagining Home USA
Documentary Nourishing The Kids Of Katrina The Edible Schoolyard USA
Documentary Potential USA
Documentary The Cove USA/Japan
Documentary The Mountain Music Project: A Musical Odyssey from Appalachia to Himalaya USA/Tibet
Documentary The Other Path
Documentary The Time Machine USA
Documentary Tibet In Song Tibet/China
Feature Blue Bus USA
Feature – Closing Night Film One Came Home – WORLD PREMIERE USA/Memphis
Feature Dogtooth French
Feature PRE USA
Feature Road To Sangam India
Feature Tales from the Catholic Church of Elvis! USA
Feature The Tomb Robbery Papyrus Notes of a Past Spain/Germany
Feature Works in Progress USA
Live Action Short A Bird In The Hand Memphis/Australia
Live Action Short A Disjointed Proposal USA/Memphis
Live Action Short A Display of Emotion Canada
Live Action Short Amber & Andre USA
Live Action Short Body of Work USA
Live Action Short Brothers Incorporated USA
Live Action Short Disjointed USA/Memphis
Live Action Short Down in Number 5 USA
Live Action Short Drawing From Life USA
Live Action Short Five Dollars USA
Live Action Short Love Child Sweden
Live Action Short Plus loin encore France
Live Action Short Ragman USA
Live Action Short Scissu Germany
Live Action Short Stickers UK
Live Action Short Still Life S Korea
Live Action Short STRANDED UK
Live Action Short Stripes USA
Live Action Short The Death of Isabella Dickson USA/Tennessee
Live Action Short The Hands USA
Live Action Short The Visitors USA
Live Action Short To Comfort You USA
Live Action Short Um Médico Rural Brazil
Live Action Short Under God USA
Live Action Short Who’s Good Looking USA
Live Action Short you’re a good man, antimin Canada
Student Created Film Blues USA
Student Created Film Collapse USA
Student Created Film Patient Canada
Student Created Film Safety Net Greece
Student Created Film The Godmother USA
Student Created Film The Substitute USA
Student Created Film Three Birds with One Stone USA/Tennessee

The 11th annual On Location: MEMPHIS International Film and Music Festival will be held April 22-25 at Malco’s Ridgeway Four. For ticket information call (901) 626-9685 or visit

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