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Indie film to shoot in Oxford

March 18, 2010
OXFORD TOWN – An independent film will be shot in Oxford this May with casting for several speaking roles to be held on March 27. The film 25K follows the misadventures of two bail enforcement agents who make a series of bad decisions with violent consequences.
For filmmaker Chase Goforth, his two passions grew hand in hand. While his career is that of a magician, doing work at corporate events, conferences and some theater work, another type of magic always fascinated him: movie-making.
“I’ve always been fascinated with things that are deceptive, things that look like they work one way and actually work another,” Goforth said. “I am not handy but would take things apart to see how it worked and then couldn’t put  it back together. Magic grew out of that and then is what led to film. It is like filming a two-hour magic trick.”
Goforth also has a background in stage management, or what he calls, “how he makes a living.” But even as young as fourth grade when his dad brought home a video camera, he has been making short films.
“It was one that would let you take still shots so I started making stop motion work with G.I. Joe and Star War figures,” Goforth said.
Then in school, anytime a project was available that would let him use his camera, he would spend hours editing school projects.
“The smallest project I could find, I would make a video,” Goforth said. “But as cameras got better and editing systems got better, then in college I would make short films just for fun.”
Goforth talked with his friend that moved to Oxford from Fayetteville about what it would take to make a feature film. With new technology and funding sources available, the two decided to move forward with the project. Goforth said he had the outline for the script for about three or four years but once he decided to get serious, wrote the script in six weeks.
While some of the comedic banter comes straight from Goforth’s friendships, other stories are also based in real stories, such as when the Sheriff takes a fugitive through the car wash.
“That was a real thing that happened up here,” Goforth aid. “I took from things I know from police friends but the outcomes are a little more Hollywood.”
While now on the third draft, Goforth is moving forward with plans to cast for the project.
“The next big fun step is casting,” Goforth said. “We have three of the main roles filled but we have lots of villain leads and a lot of peripheral character that I hope are really interesting and people want to play.”
Goforth said he is excited to film in Oxford because everyone he has met so far in the process of location scouting and other visits have been friendly and excited about the film. He is also excited about the response they have had since the casting call went out and said he was impressed with the talent Oxford holds.
Goforth will be casting around 16 to 17 roles at the March 27 casting call. Actors will go to Isom Hall Room 302, which is in the Theater Department from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Actors will be unpaid as the film is being shot for under $20,000. The film will be shot from May 17 – June 3. Readings will be made available but Goforth asks actors to come prepared with a one or two minute monologue.
An e-mail notice of your plans to audition to are appreciated, Goforth said. More casting information, including character descriptions, can be read at
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