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Tupelo FF announces May 2010 lineup

March 11, 2010

The 2010 Tupelo Film Festival announced their line up for this year’s fest to be held May 13-15 and includes local Joe York’s film “Smoke and Ears,” which will also play at the Crossroads Film Festival in April. The fest also includes a few films from this year’s Oxford Film Festival: “Flight of Calvin Waters,” “Land Gewinnen,” “True Beauty This Night,” “The Big Hang Up,” “Room 327” and “Skylight.”

20 min. – Joe York
For over 70 years, Jackson, Mississippi’s, Big Apple Inn has served up smoked sausage and pig ear sandwiches known simply as ‘smokes & ears’. These sandwiches are small in size, but they’re big on flavor and they’ve kept this neighborhood fixture open and thriving while most of the other businesses on Jackson’s historic Farish Street have disappeared. Through the story of this tiny sandwich shop we encounter the history of the African-American experience in Jackson, Mississippi, we hear the stories of its regulars which included civil rights leader Medgar Evers and blues legend Sonny Boy Williamson II, and we are treated to performances from current regulars, R&B stars Jesse Robinson and Bobby Rush.

13 min. – Mike Madigan
‘4 Pictures’ is a personal narrative comedy that focuses on Kaitlin, living and documenting a simple day to day routine. Trying to avoid ‘change’ whenever possible, an unexpected revelation causes her to rethink her closest relationships.

11 min. – Edward St. Pe’
Zeitbombe! follows a German U Boat being ordered to carry weapons grade uranium to the Japanese near the war’s end for the SS. The U Boat Kaptain is a crack submariner and also hates the SS …he does not want the SS to have the world’s first atomic bomb. The bomb’s target is the west coast of America.

8 min. – Monte Wilson
In this music video of a piano- and sax-inflected ballad, Brian Minshew, with soaring tenor, portrays a man who loses his job, his home and finally his family – until a caring hand unexpectedly reaches out.

11 min. – Michael Williams
Natalie wakes up in a stranger’s bed with no recollection of how she got there.

12 min. – Rex Harsin
In this 21st Century silent film, Purdie experience trouble with his younger sister, Pepper. After stealing her CDs, cell phone, and turtle, he experiences the fullness of her wrath as she plots to destroy any chance he had with the girl of his dreams.

6 min. – David Rice
A hapless employee is about to find out that the economic recession hits some harder than others.

8 min. – Ken Calloway
Music Video from the Tupelo, Mississippi based goth-rock band, Cockfight Club. Join the band on a surrealistic descent into the mysterious and alluring world of the undead.

2 min. – Jason Palmer
A promotional video of an actual Jason Palmer performance.

93 min. – Chris Ordal
‘earthwork’ is the story of real-life crop artist Stan Herd. In 1994, Stan travelled from Kansas to New York City to create a massive environmental artwork on land owned by Donald Trump. The multi-acre piece was made from soil, rock, plants and vegetation near an underground railway tunnel. Stan recruited a number of homeless individuals living in the tunnel as his crew. Over the months it took to complete the earthwork, Stan dealt with the difficulties of bringing his unique, rural art form to an urban canvas and the many costs exacted upon his life. In an effort to show his unique perspective to a larger audience, Stan unexpectedly encountered the true meaning of his art and it’s ultimate, lasting rewards.

87 min. – Andrew Bergman
Max Boden, an ingenuitive desert naturalist, is trying to stop the construction of a copper mine on the outskirts of 1939 Tucson, Arizona with the help of an early motion picture camera. Jackrabbit Sky is an original feature 35mm dramatic comedy that celebrates the innovative 1930’s home filmmakers who were essential in pioneering the art of independent cinema.

4 min. – Shantal Reich
‘I See The Light’ is a music video in which a young man reflects on his relationship with a past lover. The shots, setting, and lighting bring a warm an intimate attention that taps into his emotions throughout the song.

19 min. – Skylar Proctor
This music video is about breaking free. This video does not contain a story line, but the band themselves subtly act out their lyrics as they jam in a parking lot, all through the night until dawn. This video isn’t about cool effects, or big budgets, but rather about people, in this case, the band themselves, Sharon, Brad, & Andrew. It’s about putting their collective souls onto film.

12 min. – Bonnie Phelps
The modern era of computer animation meets an ancient tale of seduction. Is there anything that is not immune to a woman’s powers, even golden statues?

8 min. – Care Casademont
Art Matters: the Art and Photography of Homeless Children is a 26 minute documentary film which chronicles the work of ArtBridge. ArtBridge is a non-profit organization in Houston, Texas, whose mission is to bring the visual arts, music, dance and photography into the lives of homeless children. Founded by a former art therapist, Jo Ann Williams, ArtBridge believes in the healing power of art and its ability to transform lives. As Jo Ann says, “I can’t fix everything, but I can deliver art.”

20 min. – Soyeon Kim (South Korea)
A series of coincidental happenings at the church results in an unspeakable act of sin… Or not!

THE MAN WITH ALL THE MARBLES (Mannen med kulorna)
15 min. – Hans Montelius (Sweden)
Two thirty-something brothers play marbles for their inheritance.

9 min. – Daniel Brandt (Germany)
The Ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick brings together classical music, house and techno.
With vibraphone, prepared piano, drums, various percussions, fender rhodes, bass guitar and synthesizers the trio creates textures that bring to mind Steve Reich as well as the oldschool loop techno. Experiment meets deepness, complexity meets minimalism. In this video you can see the group performing live in a TV-studio. As they are only three persons, they have to find a way of playing all instruments at the same time. The only solution is to multiply theselves. Lateron a group of ballerinas dance to the music in gracefulness.

5 min. – Oren Robashkin
When the forces of conservation and industrialization within a common society compete head to head, the only entity that can regulate the fight is the fantastic measuring contraption known as the Envirometer. But, as the conflict escalates and the situations become increasingly more destructive and selfish, the vengeful and godlike Envirometer may be the only hope to unite the opposing viewpoints and create a progressive world where everyone can live in harmony.

30 min. – Scott Magie
In the autumn of 1909, a young man named Laurence Jones stepped off the train in Braxton and walked into the piney woods of rural Mississippi. Carrying only a few clean shirts, a Bible, a few textbooks, his diploma, and $1.65, he had little more than a dream and a simple faith in following God’s call. Against all odds, he succeeded in creating a school to educate the sons and daughters of impoverished sharecroppers: The Piney Woods Country Life School. Now, exactly 100 years later, Dr. Jones’ inspiring story and enduring legacy are finally celebrated on film.

10 min. – Cornelius Murphy
Douglas is a hard working independent man who has made a great life for himself. This contrasts sharply with the life that his father lead. Douglas’ father, Leonard was an often out of work writer who could not provide financial stability for Douglas as a child. Douglas is reflecting back on how he treated his father growing up and the disdain he felt for him not being a good provider. At first feeling justified about the way he acted in the past Douglas in the end questions whether he really knew his father at all, and if the man he often looked down upon wasn’t really all that he seemed to be.

84 min. – Patrick Downing (Canada)
In a tale of love lost, found, lost, and found again, scientist and his lover are in a doomsday device accident, disfiguring him and giving her amnesia. Years later, he builds an android in his former image to reconnect with her and re-ignite the memories of their former life together. Unfortunately for him, the robot and the girl fall for each other.

18 min. – Kim Spurlock
Rooted in the Southern Gothic storytelling tradition, ‘Down in Number 5’ follows a terminally ill coal miner as he struggles to find refuge for his developmentally disabled son. Based on a true story.

3 min. Ken Ochiai
Valerie shows up at a friend’s birthday party to confront her boyfriend canoodling with another girl. Sometimes love and hate are the same emotion, just in reverse.

5 min. – Tim Miller
What goes around comes around. A taste of your own medicine. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Junk in the trunk. All of these can be applied to Crossing the Line, in which our main character, perturbed by the rudeness and sloppy parking job of another, sets out to teach a lesson, only to have it backfire with disastrously hilarious results. Armed with few resources, he struggles to free himself from the bed that he made. Keep this film in mind the next time you think about crossing the line.

6 min. – Tim Miller
Norman’s friend, Rusty, and Rusty’s girlfriend Marie have arranged a blind date for him with Marie’s friend and coworker, Justine. Plans have been made for a romantic double date dinner. Norman wants nothing more than for this evening to be perfect, yet it’s his own ‘slip of the tongue’ that sends the night spiraling into hilarious awkwardness. Before long, Rusty, Marie and Justine are all wondering if Norman has completely lost it or if he’s in fact quite the catch. Lettuce Break Bread is a delicious comedy worth sinking your teeth into.

4 min. – Joaquin Baldwin
A voodoo doll must find the courage to save his friends from being pinned to death.

20 min. – Marc Brummund (Germany)
Andrej and his family have been living in Germany illegally for years. When his son reaches school age, he can´t hide any longer. Mischa´s future is at stake.

20 min. – Andrew Colom
Calvin Waters is the Mississippi Basketball Player of the Year. The Flight of Calvin Waters chronicles the last 24 hours of his life. Calvin’s struggle to decide whether to go to college locally or far away coincides with revelations that change his understanding of his home and himself. Calvin’s last 24 hours reveal his aspirations, dreams and fears, and how all of these things are deeply intertwined with his community.

5 min. – David Bass (Canada)
An animated mock documentary about the ecological plight of penguins in the
Antarctic, possibly foretelling cataclysmic results for the rest of the world.

26 min. – James Mathews
It’s 1863, and the civil war is raging in the forests of the river delta. Henry and Ruth, a brother and sister, enslaved on a plantation, just found out that their father has passed away. Their plantation owner is planning to trade Ruth for a male replacement. Henry and Ruth forge a plan to escape into the wilderness in hopes of finding their mother. On their way to finding freedom, they are bombarded by war and harsh conditions in the forest. Their quest to find their mother leads them to discover much more than they bargained for, that freedom is found within.

FADING AWAY (Zwischen Licht und Schatten) (STUDENT)
14 min. – Fabian Giessler (Germany)
The life of the old married couple Herbert and Martha is portrayed in a series of brief episodic scenes. These Scenes show Martha’s gradual retreat into the world of dementia, where reality and imagination seem to overlap and Herbert’s desperation about their future together.
‘Fading Away’ is a simple, quiet and subtle film. It is about two elderly people, their love and their fear of losing each other.

5 min. – Trevor Parham
A music video dedicated to a fallen star, who continues to shine. Entitled, Shining, the video aims to preserve Michael Jackson’s integrity and celebrate his creative influence.

10 min. – Chris Ramos (Australia)
A love-damaged actress, who won’t admit she still yearns for the real thing, must eliminate the opposition to make love work on her terms.

15 min. – Jason Hawkins
Undercover Detective John Hudson attempts to rip of his mark, Tommy ‘Brooklyn’ Brochinski, in order to pay the ransom for his wife’s safe return. The situation quickly goes from bad to worse as Hudson persues Brooklyn in an attempt to save his wife.

13 min. – Alexander Schwarm
In the summer of 1945, Edith, a Midwestern woman wakes to begin the most important day of her life. She dresses her newly born daughter, Patsy, in her ‘Sunday best’ in preparation for a trip to the local, rural train station. At the train station, Edith waits to pick up her husband, Stan, a recently liberated Prisoner of War. When the train finally reaches the depot the ultimately unexpected occurs, thus changing everything. A film about the seemingly disregarded emotions of those awaiting soldiers’ return, ‘As Ever, Stan’ takes a look at war from the eyes of those left behind to wait.

10 min. – Richard Farmer
Combining questions of Faith, Technology and Politics, UNDER GOD is a Cold War-era parable about the day President Eisenhower met with the world’s first super computer, UNIVAC.
The President and his staff go to participate in what they think is a mere photo-op with the latest advances in technology. During the visit, Ike is challenged by the scientists to ask UNIVAC “any question he can think of.” Ike tries to outsmart the computer by asking it a theological question that no man can answer. UNIVAC’s shocking answer may have altered history as we know it.

10 min. – Peter Besson
Last night Rhett Somers, so far scraping by on good luck or just plain old ignorance, met the love of his life. The only thing left to do is convince her that she’s the one. Not an easy feat considering how they met.

5 min. – Richard Ward
When she sees a young man speaking on his cell phone and ignoring his girlfriend, Mary reflects on her own life — and the solution she found with her cell phone-obsessed spouse.

20 min. – Jorge Moralis Valle (Spain)
From the darkness of the lost cliffs, a crazy painter, marked by his past, and his faithful assistant try to find a solution against perpetual storms. Sea is destroying their home. A magic boiler and some tormented ghosts will help them to find the light.

91 min. – Rocky Yost
Quick paced Capra-esque tale where the little guy, Lilly Nash fights back a hostile takeover by real estate mogul Hillary Thorn while visited by her long absent father. Only problem, Dad died 12 years ago.

26 min. – John Barr
The repercussions are immediate when activist/history professor Arthur Collins assigns his class to plan an assassination of the President. Life becomes particularly tough for the professor’s teaching assistant T.K., whose reluctance to choose a side plants him right in the middle. (TRAILER AVAILABLE)

19 min. – Glenn Payne
The tension builds as the hostage situation goes bad. You wait for their demands in a sleazy hotel room. As the phone rings your heart pounds. Pick up, it’s for you.

15 min. – Michael Laicini (Canada)
Detective Mark Waters is a sweetly comedic, unique homage to the 1940’s era of film noirs.
Mark Waters is new to the police force and has had a hard time fitting in. When he isn’t getting pushed around by his coworkers or getting chewed out by his immediate superior The Detective, he tends to drift off into a fantasy world in which he is an ever calm, always in control detective straight out of a film noir movie. In reality Mark Waters’ actual persona is nothing like his suave alter ego.
While on his latest assignment and under mounting pressures from his superior MARK is one screw up away from loosing his job when he spots an opportunity for redemption.
Detective Mark Waters was made to appeal to anybody who has dreamt at some time or another of being something more than they are. A small film with a big heart.

16 min. – Eric Steele
A young businessman from New York (Layne Edelman) visits a diner in Topeka while on a business trip through the Midwest. Layne quickly notices something ‘unusual’ about this diner as he eavesdrops on the townsfolk conversations. When he returns to his table to find his belongings stolen, Layne’s ‘small town experience’ spins mercilessly out of control…

8 min. – Lyle Pisio (Canada)
Loneliness, Desire, Love, Hesitation, Miscommunication, Fear, and Loss with a touch of alcoholism for comic relief.
Trevor and Martha see each other across a dingy bar and fall in love. The couples shyness is only overcome in a mutual dream where their shadows dance together.
Inspired by the song ‘The Empress’ by the Montreal band BRIGA, the film is about the first hesitant motions of meeting and the fragility of falling in love.

3 min. – Snorri Sturluson
The artist Lay Low is a spirit that travels across the world and into space. The world she is traveling through is a miniature world made up of several mini planets. Oh her journey she encounters many strange things.

19 min. – Jolie Hales
For social reject Ross Lawson, the good life is the one he doesn’t have. This gradually begins to change when one night he discovers that anything he types into his online i-Space profile actually becomes reality. With this new identity manipulation tool, Ross sets about transforming himself in hopes of winning over Kelly, the most popular girl in high school. Willing to exchange his good friends for this new popular lifestyle, Ross’ life is looking up… or so it would seem. But little by little, his choices begin to backfire, finally risking not only the new identity he thought he always wanted, but the original identity he always had.

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