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Atlanta Film Fest announces 2010 lineup

March 11, 2010

The 2010 Atlanta Film Festival announced their official line up today with over 160 films to be showcased primarily at the Landmark Midtown Art Cinema with opening and closing at different locations for the fest that kicks off on April 15 and runs through April 23.

Freedom Riders Opening Night
Crash Ludacris Presents
Psycho (50th Anniversary Screening) Movie on the Meadow
The Secret to a Happy Ending Closing Night
The Battle for Bunker Hill Narrative Competition
The Battle of Pussy Willow Creek Narrative Competition
Handsome Harry Narrative Competition
Dear Lemon Lima Narrative Competition
Exit 117 Narrative Competition
Nonames Narrative Competition
Putty Hill Narrative Competition
The Things We Carry Narrative Competition
American Jihadist Documentary Competition
Family Affair Documentary Competition
Alley Pat: The Music is Recorded Documentary Competition
8: The Mormon Proposition Documentary Competition
I am Comic Documentary Competition
The Last Survivor Documentary Competition
Mamachas Del Ring Documentary Competition
Racing Dreams Documentary Competition
The Eyes of Me African-American Spotlight – Documentary
God’s Architects African-American Spotlight – Documentary
Souled out Comedy African-American Spotlight – Documentary
Stranded in the Motor City African-American Spotlight – Documentary
’10-20 African-American Spotlight – Narrative
Case 219 African-American Spotlight – Narrative
The 10 Conditions of Love Documentary Feature
9500 Liberty Documentary Feature
Burning Ice Documentary Feature
Cropsey Documentary Feature
Cutud (The Crossing) Documentary Feature
The Desert of Forbidden Art Documentary Feature
Dive! Documentary Feature
Divorcing God Documentary Feature
Dumbstruck Documentary Feature
My Run Documentary Feature
No Tomorrow Documentary Feature
Saturday Night Documentary Feature
There Once was an Island Documentary Feature
Toxic Soup Documentary Feature
Benediction of the Beasts Documentary Short Playing with Feature
Passion Documentary Short Playing with Feature
Cud Documentary Short Playing with Feature
A Man Can’t Just Sit Around Documentary Short Playing with Feature
Complaints Choir Music Spotlight – Documentary
Do It Again Music Spotlight – Documentary
Wheedle’s Groove Music Spotlight – Documentary
Broken Hill Music Spotlight – Narrative
NY Export: Opus Jazz Music Spotlight – Narrative
The Athlete Narrative Feature
Big Font. Large Spacing Narrative Feature
Cold Weather Narrative Feature
Cooking with Stella Narrative Feature
Feed the Fish Narrative Feature
Godspeed Narrative Feature
The Good Heart Narrative Feature
Little Lies Narrative Feature
Love on the Rocks Narrative Feature
The Mountain Thief Narrative Feature
The Myth of Time Narrative Feature
Open Five Narrative Feature
Pushin’ Up Daisies Narrative Feature
Slap Down Narrative Feature
The Square Narrative Feature
Winter’s Bone Narrative Feature
Yellowbrickroad Narrative Feature
The Last Cigarette Narrative Short Playing with Feature
Wake Narrative Short Playing with Feature
Black Ops Arabesque Narrative Short Playing with Feature
Calling the Minstrel Narrative Short Playing with Feature
The Offering Narrative Short Playing with Feature
Freeport Narrative Short Playing with Feature
Play in the Gray Pink Peach – Documentary
Mother Earth Pink Peach – Narrative
Who Saw Him Pink Peach – Narrative
Amazon Women Shorts-African-American Spotlight
Asbury Park Shorts-African-American Spotlight
I Own You Shorts-African-American Spotlight
Jackson Parish Shorts-African-American Spotlight
Life on Earth Shorts-African-American Spotlight
She Got Problems Shorts-African-American Spotlight
Train Shorts-African-American Spotlight
The Adventures of Ledo and Ix Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
The Anchorite Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
The Fence Underneath Us Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
Goodbye Mr. Pink Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
Happy and Strictly in “Fuzzy Business” Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
Horn Dog Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
Ledo and Ix Go to Town Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
The Lighthouse Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
The Machine Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
Prayers for Peace Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
Spaceman on Earth Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
The Story of Scrivener and His Aislyn Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
Twist of Fate Shorts-Animation Extravaganza
The Apostles Shorts-Comedy
The Ballad of Friday and June Shorts-Comedy
Follicle Frolic Shorts-Comedy
Helium Man Shorts-Comedy
How to Ride a Train Shorts-Comedy
Pet Peeves Shorts-Comedy
Quality Time Shorts-Comedy
Spleenectomy Shorts-Comedy
This Side Up Shorts-Comedy
Winner: Best Short Film Shorts-Comedy
The World of Film Festivals Shorts-Comedy
Born Sweet Shorts-Documentary
Clandestine Shorts-Documentary
The Darkness of Day Shorts-Documentary
Ghosts Shorts-Documentary
No Excuses Shorts-Documentary
Prison Dog Shorts-Documentary
The Solitary Life of Cranes Shorts-Documentary
Woman Rebel Shorts-Documentary
Ana’s Playground Shorts-Drama
Cigarette Candy Shorts-Drama
Confession Shorts-Drama
The History of Aviation Shorts-Drama
Metropolis Ferry Shorts-Drama
The Odds Shorts-Drama
Puppets of War Shorts-Drama
The Bellows March Shorts-Experimental
Garden Roll Bounce Parking Lot Shorts-Experimental
Indistinct Boundaries: Movement 2 Shorts-Experimental
Indistinct Boundaries: Movement 4 Shorts-Experimental
Kapsis Shorts-Experimental
LoopLoop Shorts-Experimental
Manhattan Mermaid Shorts-Experimental
More From Life Shorts-Experimental
Parisian Flash-cards Shorts-Experimental
Someone or Something Shorts-Experimental
Star, Dust Shorts-Experimental
A Tax on Pochsy Shorts-Experimental
Bedfellows Shorts-Gay
Catching On: The Day the World Turned Gay Shorts-Gay
Curious Thing Shorts-Gay
Danny Shorts-Gay
The Feast of Stephen Shorts-Gay
Gayby Shorts-Gay
Non-Love-Song Shorts-Gay
Rubbuds Shorts-Gay
One Night Shorts-Lesbian
Public Relations Shorts-Lesbian
The Roe Effect Shorts-Lesbian
Simple Pleasures Shorts-Lesbian
To Comfort You Shorts-Lesbian
Yulia Shorts-Lesbian
Further Lane Shorts-Looking for Love
Greased Shorts-Looking for Love
Mister Green Shorts-Looking for Love
The Regular Shorts-Looking for Love
The Tedious Existence of Terrell B. Howell Shorts-Looking for Love
Tell Me Who Shorts-Looking for Love
Grandpa Kevorkian Teen Screen Animation
Lost and Found Teen Screen Animation
The Mouse That Soared Teen Screen Animation
Pigeon Impossible Teen Screen Animation
Pups of Liberty Teen Screen Animation
Skylight Teen Screen Animation
The Way to Heaven Teen Screen Animation
No Crossover Teen Screen Documentary
Nourishing the Kids of Katrina – The Edible Schoolyard Teen Screen Documentary
Red, White & Green Teen Screen Documentary
Beast We Dare You To Watch These Shorts
Feeder We Dare You To Watch These Shorts
Firstborn We Dare You To Watch These Shorts
Ice Scream We Dare You To Watch These Shorts
Ricky Riggs: The Story of a Block Bitch We Dare You To Watch These Shorts
Spoiler We Dare You To Watch These Shorts
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