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AGFA hires first director

March 9, 2010
In what is some of the coolest news I have heard in a while, the largest genre collection that includes horror, action and exploitation films of the 60s and 70s, known as The American Genre Film Archive (AGFA), based in Austin, Texas, announced today the hiring of Oliver Franklin as its first Director.
Formed by a band of genre enthusiasts led by Alamo Drafthouse owner Tim League, the collection is thought to be the largest of its kind in the world, with over 1500 35mm prints, related artifacts, and ephemera. As such, it reflects much about the spirit that animates the Alamo itself.
“Nothing appeals to me more than opening people’s eyes to the amazing talent—the art—that these films so exuberantly display,” Franklin, formerly the Executive Curator for Public Programs at UT-Austin’s Harry Ransom Center, said. “There are many ways we can bring these gems to the public, to build and protect the collection, and raise awareness of their importance and their unique brio. I am honored by this challenge.”
The mission of AGFA is to:

– To promote the artistic and socio-historical merit of the exploitation era of independent cinema
– To archive 35mm films that fall within this category
– To use public exhibition to further these goals via education and awareness

What I hope this means is traveling exhibitions, new works put out for people to follow – or some great screenings that will eventually make their way past Austin (or give me more reasons to visit Austin, as if there are not enough already).
Follow along with the development of events and new information on the collection at You can also follow the Twitter account of both the American Genre Film Archive and Franklin at: @OliverXFranklin and @AmericanGenre.
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