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Peter Jackson selects winning short film – to premiere on IFC

March 5, 2010

As part of a major campaign for Tourism New Zealand (also a sponsor of tonight’s Independent Spirit Awards), one short filmmaker gets to screen their film for the audience right before the ceremony. Director Peter Jackson has chosen “Working Day,” a film by Andres Borghi from Argentina, as winner of the 100% Pure New Zealand Presents Your Big Break short film competition today. “Working Day” will air on IFC just prior to the Film Independent Spirit Awards tonight. All five of the finalists films are available on-line and worth a view including two from American filmmakers.

The Your Big Break contest asked amateur filmmakers to write a three-minute screenplay to capture the spirit of New Zealand. Over 1000 screenplays were entered and assessed by a panel. Five finalists were chosen, with one selected by public vote  and were flown to New Zealand last month to pre-produce, shoot and post-produce their idea for under NZ$100,000. The filmmakers also go to use Peter Jackson’s post-production facilities. Jackson then viewed and selected the winner.


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