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B-Side closes its doors

February 22, 2010

I am still reeling from the news that officially went out today that B-Side will close its doors on March 1. The official announcement is here and further coverage at Filmmaker Magazine plus a great article over at Slackerwood.

While the Festival Genius Platform may still be salvaged by a new investor or purchaser, the question to most film festival programmers this morning is, at what cost?

One of the great advantages in working with B-Side is that for most of us non-profit festivals with limited budgets, this gave a great platform to provide a schedule and highlight filmmakers. Making something on our own that is equivocal will be difficult. For those sites that were not using B-Side, web site listings for festivals are usually not as easy to manage and have far less advantages than the easy calendar system with B-Side.

Currently the B-Side site, including all the archives of previous fests, plan to remain up until the end of March. B-Side is also working to find their films they had acquired new homes to keep them up and running. If they had to go, they couldn’t have handled it with more grace but it is unfortunate that their model is not surviving as it was easily one of the more interesting and progressive ones that kept the feel of indie grassroots alive. While I can tell that only great things will happen for all of the staff as individuals, as team they were dynamic and will be sorely missed.

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