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Magnolia FF Kicks off next week

February 11, 2010

All screenings are at the Hollywood Premiere Cinemas in Starkville. For more information, visit The Mag. The fest includes Oxford Film Fest alum films “Parted,” “Birthday,” “Room 327,” and “The Flight of Calvin Waters.”

Thursday, Feb. 18 7:00 PM

Jesus Mi Jesus -9 min

Happy Face -15 min

Two Year Guarantee -17 min

Parted -11 min

The Storymaker 15 min

Imminent -10 min


The Darkness Within -90 min

Friday, Feb. 19 7:00 PM

Dear Child Jesus -9 min

No One Island -20 min

The Mistake -11 min

Shadows in the Wind -19 min

Birthday -11 min


A Noiseless Patient Spider -2 min

Between Floors -87 min

Saturday, Feb. 20 2:00 PM

My Body In Your Hands -3 min

Scrambled Eggs- 15 min

Laissez-Faire- 23 min

Ben Pickle – 12 min

About Biento’s Death -9 min

Where There’s Smoke -10 min

Tinted Windows – 12 min


Mary and Jennifer -11 min

My Dearest Love -3 min

Room 327 -19 min

Reception -6

Day Before Yesterday -11min

A User’s Guide for the Imaginary Friend – 19 mi

Saturday, Feb. 20 7:00 PM

The Potion -15 min

The Flight of Calvin Waters -19 min

Flash -5 min

The Golden Thread -20 min

Youth of May -3min

Mildred Richards -18 min


Penny -6 min

What’s “Organic” About Organic? -74 min


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