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OFF Review Animation Shorts 2: Eve’s Awakening and Split Second Splat

February 1, 2010

By Melody Watson

Eve’s Awakening

A girl floats in a giant tub as she adds hot and cold water using her debit card, eventually she finds herself going down a drain of debt.

“Eve’s Awakening” is a smart allegory about rampant consumerism; various biblical images are used to represent greed and a lion is redemption.  The gothic art is gorgeous and the animation is reminiscent in style to both the old Masterpiece Theatre opening credits and the excellent “Persepolis.”

Split Second Splat

Five men jump out of an airplane and there is only one parachute; a bloody, mid-air fight occurs.

Survival at what cost?  Is life all just a game to be the one with the parachute?  Is instant karma gonna get you?  Does the director have some unresolved mommy issues?  These are all questions I asked myself while watching this visually appealing, watercolor short.  Much like life, this animated short offers more questions than answers.

Animation block screens at the Oxford Film Festival on Friday at 10 a.m. and Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

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