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Film fest in one week!

January 28, 2010
The Oxford Film Festival now in its seventh consecutive year kicks off next Thursday with a special Thacker Mountain Radio at the Lyric Theater before the opening night film at Malco Theaters. From Feb. 4-7, over 75 independent films will screen from experimental shorts to narrative features. As an assistant director of the festival, I am completely biased in saying that you really can’t go wrong on which films you choose, but if you have a certain aesthetic or story style that you prefer, the guide below may help a bit in deciding your festival screenings.
Be sure to also check out the B-Side schedule at to create an online schedule, watch trailers and read interviews from the filmmakers.
Note: (NF) is for feature length films. (DF) is for documentary feature films. (NS) is for narrative short. (DS) is for documentary short.
Matthew Broderick in “Wonderful World.”
Pleasant “indie” fare
“Wonderful World” – (NF) Matthew Broderick as a run-down musician who starts over.
“Vicious Kind” – (NF) Dysfunctional families and Thanksgiving.
“Quiet Little Marriage” – (NF) Dax and Olive are in a very happy marriage until pregnancy talks.
“Made In China” – (NF) A “novelty inventor” determined to bring the world his idea.
“Carried Away” – (NF) Kidnapping grandma and traveling cross country not the best idea.
“Blue Boy” – (NS) Being a lifeguard has its perks, or at least, fantasies.
“True Beauty this Night” – (NS) Meeting the girl of your dreams has an unexpected turnout.
“Sissypants” – (NS) Tom only says “I love you” in sign language. Meeting his family helps.
“Birthday” – (NS) The love between a mother and child.
“Ballad of Friday and June” – (NS) June, a struggling ukulele player, lives alone with her talkative dog.
“Happy Ending”
International flavor
“Happy Ending” (NF) – Japanese girl discovers her life is playing out like a romantic comedy.
“Manual practico del amigo imaginario” (NS) – Imaginary friends must cope when left behind.
“Kivat Normali” (NS) – Tel Aviv 12 year old boy wants a normal birthday.
“Land Gewinnen” (NS) – Immigration and a child’s desire for education.
Will capture your heart but also informative
“The Last Survivor” (DF) – Genocide survivors share their stories.
“Ocean Invaders” (DS) – Lionfish are taking over the planet.
“Where Life is” (DS) – Amputee vets take on new athletic challenges.
“D-Tour” (DF) – Musician must go on the road while waiting for a new kidney.
“Shooting Beauty” (DF) – Handing cameras to a group of special needs adults.
“I am a Man: From Memphis, A lesson in life” (DS) – Sanitation worker recalls days before King’s untimely death.
“Mississippi Queen” (DF) – Being gay in Mississippi when your parents run an ex-gay ministry is hard.
“Wheedle’s Groove”
Entertaining and informative
“For the Love of Movies: A History of Film Criticism” – (DF) People that love movies and write about them. A history.
“Refurbished” – (DS) Furby’s renewed into musical instruments.
“Frequent Flyer” – (DS) – Up in the Air – the real people.
“Naturally Obsessed: The Making of a Scientist” – (DF) – Following PhD candidates in biology.
“Among the Giants” – (DS) Making accessible materials helps create new adaptive design.
“Wheedle’s Groove” – (DF) – Kenny G when he was in the only white guy in an all black band! History of 70’s soul music in Seattle.
“Streets of Plenty” – (DS)
“Fledgling” – (DS) A family helps a bird.
“The Mountain, The River, and the Road”
DIY – Emerging artists
“Bicycle Lane” – (NF) Riding a bike across L.A. is, shall we say, a unique experience.
“The Mountain, The River and the Road” – (NF) – Post-grad writer takes a road trip only to instead find love and new life.
“The Scenesters” – (NF) Someone is killing hipsters, they must be saved! a whodunnit mumblecore film.
“A Journey to the West” – (NS) Impact of western society on the east.
“Handmade Nation” – (DF) Indie crafters and a world of art underground.
“Family Matter” – (DS) Divorce and the impact on children.
Experimental Block -(Shorts) – An array of new filmmaking techniques.
“Thacker Mountain Documentary” – (NF) Doc on the popular weekly event from Mary Warner and Joe York.
Mississippi Block 1 and 2 -(NS) Short films from Mississippi filmmakers, block 2 also falls into the next category.
“Stingray Sam”
Offbeat to sadistic
Animation block – (NS) – Short films that range from pigeons to jumping out of airplanes.
“The Fairy Princess” – (NS) Pervert captures a fairy on halloween.
“Zombies and Cigarettes” – (NS) Zombies, in Spain? In a mall?
“Stingray Sam” – (NF) Destined to be a cult classic, follow the spaghetti western/sci-fi/musical/drama
“Cigarette Girl” – (NF) Memphis filmmaker imagining of future world where smokers are banned from society (future?)
“Night of the Loup Garou” – (NF) Werewolf attack in Taylor. Weird Russian hunters. Scientists. Love. Colanders. Frogs.
“Winding Down” – (NS) Sometimes who we are outside our home is a bit different than our true selves.
“Playground” – (DF) Looks at sex rings that prostitute children in America.
For the Young un’s (or at heart)
Free kids films at the public library Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
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