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Oxford Film Fest Review: Footsteps

January 21, 2010

By Chad Larson

Footsteps, a film by Matthew Graves, is at first glance a short suspense film. Everyone has had a moment where, leaving the office or a friend’s house late at night, a simple noise starts the mind racing. Paranoia sets in and you begin to wonder if someone’s out to get you.

But Footsteps has something more.

The film’s story is fairly simple. An overworked and under-slept film editor calls it a night after running out of energy drinks, and strange things begin to happen around him.

I believe, however, that Footsteps might just be a clever critique on the life of many twentysomethings. The main character, Matt, is a guy not unlike many college students. He drives an SUV and wears a hoodie and a neckbeard. His office is crowded with empty energy drink cans. He uses an iPhone.

This materialism turns out to be Matt’s undoing. I won’t go too far in to the plot as it is a short film, but each of these elements play a part in Matt’s ultimate fate, and in real life, we see all too many times how similar things can kill us. Energy drinks from sugar or caffeine overload. SUV’s from rollovers (not to mention their environmental impact). Cell phones cause driver distraction which leads to SUV’s rolling over (and some say they cause cancer!).

Footsteps is a great short film and even with it’s very small cast, does a great job of creating an air of suspense. The film plays Oxford Film Festival on Saturday at 5 p.m. as part of the Mississippi narrative shorts block.

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