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Best and Worst

January 2, 2010

Over the decade, there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of films that have moved me, but as we begin a new decade, it is time to look back at the ones that have stuck with me over the past few years and likely will remain my favorites for years to come.

Since 2000, we have seen one of the worst terrorist attacks on American soil, a
generation-defining war, economic turmoil and thousands of other stories that have helped shape what it means to be an American.

Throughout it all, there have been films that have captured our hearts, minds and spirits, not only helping to mirror who we are in the 2000’s but our dreams of what we can become in the future. And then there are the ones that possibly scarred us for life. Read on for the top 10 films of the decade and the 10 worst, if not the decade, perhaps of all time — I am talking to you Paris Hilton.

Top 10 Best of the Decade

1. “Once” – Quite possibly the perfect love story that shows that
romantic conventions do not have to be used at all to make a film
work. Unfortunately the title says it all, something like “Once” will
likely never come around again.

2. “Ballast” – A beautiful film that brought the world’s attention to
the Mississippi Delta.

3. “Almost Famous/High Fidelity” – Sure, it is cheating to put these
two together but both films did as much for soundtracks as adding to

4. “Diving Bell and the Butterfly” – The most beautifully made film of
the decade.

5. “There Will Be Blood” – Daniel Day Lewis’ stunning performance as
an oil man compliments director Paul Thomas Anderson’s portrayal of
bygone days and the ambiguous American spirit -noble but cruel.

6. “Shrek” – There has been plenty of great animation over the past 10
years but nothing beats that crazy green ogre and his sidekick Donkey
for parents or kids.

7. “Juno” and “Little Miss Sunshine” – These two films opened up
independent film to your typical moviegoing audience.

8. “Bridget Jones Diary” – Arguably there are hundreds of films that
could have appeared on this list, but for repeat watching, this is one
film I will likely see over and over again for the rest of my days.

9. The “Harry Potter” series – No other movie-book franchise (besides
perhaps now Twilight) has opened up more young readers to the
possibility of what can be discovered within a book. The films have
translated the stories magically on the big screen.

10. The “Lord of the Rings” Trilogy – Peter Jackson’s trilogy brought
JRR Tolkien’s complex fantasy world onto the big screen in a big way.

Top 10 Worst of the Decade
1. “Glitter” – When they say all that glitters is gold, understand
that it is not true. So does Mariah Carey. And Vampires.

2. “Gigli” – Bennifer broke our heart and their own relationship after
this bomb.

3. “From Justin to Kelly” – American Idol producers quickly learned
that Idol stars and movies do not mix.

4. “Catwoman” – Oh Halle Berry, remember when you won an Oscar?

5. “I Know Who Killed Me” – Lindsey Lohan as a stripper. Probably
should have been a huge hit with the teen boy audience, but it wasn’t,
or with anyone else, for that matter.

6. “The Love Guru” – If a comedy makes you want to hurt somebody, than
you know you’ve done something wrong.

7. The “Master of Disguise” – Who wasn’t excited about Dana Carvey’s
big return? But then it just wasn’t even a little bit funny.

8. “The Hottie and the Nottie” – Paris Hilton in a movie. Why do you
think it is on the list?

9.  “Envy” – Ben Stiller and Jack Black, two of the best in their
field, when combined, invent poo.

10. “All About Steve” – Although Sandra Bullock is on top with fims
like the “Proposal” and the “Blind Side” — don’t forget this year she
also played a stalker for laughs. Just goes to show, movies are not
just about the actors. Sometimes, a script or an editor make the

One Comment leave one →
  1. January 9, 2010 1:26 am

    Don’t hate me… I’ve never seen “Once”.
    I will, pronto !!! You have a great top
    ten… And the best “Worst” list I have
    seen yet. Dead-on !!!

    “Envy” makes me cringe to this day !!!

    Happy New Year 🙂

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