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Another casting call in Miss…

December 25, 2009

Even if you are not interested in working in TV, it is worth reading below just because the character description makes me laugh out loud everytime I read it. But hey, also a new acting job opening up in the state, so FYI:

MPB is casting for a host for a new show called THE JOB HUNTER. This is a paid position with all in-state travel expenses covered.

This position will involve being around construction sites, heavy equipment and blue collar laborers. The project will be spread out over a 10 month period with approximately 40 production days. Costume and make up will favor work shirts, blue jeans, pulled back hair and pancake foundation. There will be voice over booth work and some single camera, monologue deliveries. We will give ample notice for scheduling production days and additional consideration to overnight, in-state travel. This character will be searching (hunting) for students, training and job opportunities, combining them to insure a highly trained workforce for the industries in Mississippi. We need someone who can sell an idea.

We hope this will be an on-going project, fulfilling the education, training and employment requisites for the future of Mississippi’s  manufacturing base.

Detailed character description below.

Those interested should contact Rick Klein: or 3825 Ridgewood Rd. Jackson, MS 39211  (No phone calls, please)

Applicants should provide headshot and resume. If responding by snail mail you may also include a DVD.

Auditions will be scheduled beginning the second week in January.

The Job Hunter


Character Description

This person should have a strong on-camera presence, able to take command of any situation. The candidate will be young, but not too young, late 20’s, a seasoned professional hunting for jobs and training.

The host should be attractive to the camera but not so much as to distract from the content, healthy and fit without being muscular. The host should have a good sense of humor but not silly or flighty and appear credible in their questions and follow up comments.

The host should be comfortable in work clothes, boots, baseball caps as well as business causal.

Hair color and eyes are not as important as poise and demeanor but host should be able to assume attributes contributed to hair/makeup and wardrobe.

Diction/dialect/ should be Midwestern with a slight hint of southern drawl. Delivery should be conversational and questioning but never confrontational. Host should have strong voice over capability with good inflection and a pleasing delivery.

The host should appear to enjoy outdoors activities and relate to others’ hobbies and interest.

The host should appear to be of good moral fiber with a slight bent towards mischievousness.

Host wants more than anything else to find the right training for the right job.

The host tries to avoid wasting time and energy on fruitless endeavors.

The host should have an inner beauty that appears with a flash of a smile.

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