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Casting call in Laurel, Miss.

December 14, 2009

Saturday, December 19.

12:00 PM

Roberts Creative
107 South Magnolia
Laurel, MS 39440

For the production of “The Red Menace,” written by Patrick Mize, a 1950s take on a future manned mission to Mars. Sci-fi spoof. Produced by Lee Blaylock.

Looking to cast for the following roles:

CHET. 40s. Spaceship pilot. Tall. Lean. Classic test pilot. Cross between Scott Glenn and Ed Harris in “The Right Stuff.”

MICKEY. 30s-40s. Good natured mechanic. Slight Bronx accent. Medium height. Muscular.

JANET. 20s-early 30s. Secretary. Shapely. Conservative but oozing sexuality. Norma Jean, not Marilyn Monroe. Comfortable with onscreen sensuality. Able to keep up with the boys.

DR. VON HAUSEN. 50s-60s. Classic 50s scientist. German. American patriot. A man of poise, rumination, and intellect.

BORIS. 20s-40s. Menacing. Strong physical presence. Russian.

DR. ISAACSON. 40s-60s. Military doctor. Comes from the country. Salt of the earth man.

Auditions can be mailed either on VHS or MiniDV to the following address (please email for sides):

Blaylock Films
P.O. Box 18617
Hattiesburg, MS 39404

Or emailed as a Quicktime or .wmv file to

This production is one of the 5 entries by Mississippi filmmakers in a larger anthology project.

The filmmakers are

Lee Blaylock
H.R. Sweat
Glenn Payne
Amile Wilson
Chris Spear

All are connected by a single subject but with each filmmaker providing a wildly different take on it.

Production of “The Red Menace” will take place in January

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