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Former Oxonian creates An Inconvenient Tax

October 29, 2009


Graduate of University of Mississippi and former Oxonian, Ginnyann Reynolds, is an Associate Producer on the upcoming feature-length documentary, “An Inconvenient Tax,” that chronicles the history and explores the vast complexities of the American income tax system.

Reynolds, 34, never thought that a degree in psychology and English would lead her into becoming a film producer but after getting a job where she got to work on a few documentaries for television, she came upon the opportunity to work on a major feature documentary. The producers of the film invited her to join as associate producer due to the work she did for them on TV.

“I didn’t know a thing about taxes before starting this,” Reynolds said. “I got my degree in psychology and English from Ole Miss and now I am neck deep in politics and tax relief.”

Although Reynolds moved to Atlanta, her family remains in Oxford and she often returns to visit.

ginnyann g“I’m part of the Reynolds clan, the youngest of eight,” Reynolds said. “We are the type of family that every new teacher I had would say ‘ah I got my eye on you.’”

The film follows the history of the American income tax system and includes b-roll footage from horror films, which Reynolds said is quite fitting.

“It is really a little disturbing when you think about how the government and politicians use the tax system as a means of control,” Reynolds said. “We go into it in such a way that even an idiot like myself comprehends and becomes afraid of what is going on around them.”

The filmmakers are non-partisan and made the film in order to educate Americans on the way the tax system works and to begin an intellectual debate on long term changes rather than fly-by-night reforms, Reynolds said.

“We approach the subject to motivate people,” Reynolds said. “It is definitely not a Michael Moore film  because we do not bash America.”

Reynolds said she enjoyed being an associate producer because it allows you to take on a wide variety of jobs.

“I was glad I was not the director not only because these people are so high on the social and intellectual ladder  that we got to interview but also as director you get pigeon holed,” Reynolds said. “But when in a job like this, as a producer, there is no telling what you are going to be doing that day.”

Reynolds helped with interviews, did research, and a variety of other tasks.
“The skills and confidence that I gained through my education at Ole Miss assisted me with channeling my creative intuition in planning and writing pertinent portions of the movie, researching movie facts and ideas to ensure the accuracy of the information and using my communication prowess to successfully gaining access to many hard-to-reach governmental figures and departments,” Reynolds said.

Among the high-profile people Reynolds helped interview for the film are: Steve Forbes (Forbes, Inc); Mike Huckabee (Former Arkansas Governor); Charles Rossotti (Former IRS Commissioner); Noam Chomsky (Political Activist); Neal Boortz (Radio Host); Herman Cain (Radio Host); Scott Hodge (Tax Foundation); John Linder (U.S. Congressman); Dick Armey (Former House Majority Leader); plus many others.

The film is currently under consideration for distribution with several major companies but Reynolds said she hopes to get the film out to the public before April 15.
For more information, visit

As published in the Oxford Town on Oct. 29.


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