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New Review: 9

October 20, 2009


The wait was worth it to finally see “9” on the big screen in Oxford. Shane Acker’s post-apocalyptic journey with nine small creatures that are ready to take on the last of the machines is a thrilling and at times breath-taking animation.

Although twins #3 and #4 have no voice, the remaining characters are voiced by strong talents including #1 – Christopher Plummer, #2 Martin Landau, #5 John C. Reilly, #6 Crispin Glover, #7 Jennifer Connelly, #8 Fred Tatasciore and #9 Elijah Wood.

Following the arrival of #9, we journey out into a wasteland where he encounters a similar creature to him, #2. But before he can find out what is next, #2 protects him by taking on a monstrous cat-like robot. #9 must set out to figure out this world for himself and along the way is rescued once again by #5. The two team up and begin to meet the other numbers before finally coming head-to-head with the monster machine that started the end of the world.

The film began as a short and was nominated for an Oscar in 2006 but I never saw the shorter version. Acker, with the backing of Tim Burton, extended the film into a feature. The story is a post-Terminator world where we assume the John Conner types didn’t do so well but why then are we compelled to follow these small nine creatures. If humanity is gone, what would the reason be to have them out there in the world. Led through a series of typical action-suspense story, we are given the answer at the end along with the creatures who like us – do not know their place or reason.

Luckily, #9 dares to question and carries them and us along to find out.

Aidan’s corner: It was a very good movie. Lots of action and I never got bored. I like the movie as a whole rather than specific parts. I like the animation and the character 9 the best. I also liked 2. I think we should not let robots take over our lives which is ironic since we are typing on a computer.

“9” is now playing at the Malco in Oxford.

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