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Review: Zombieland

October 18, 2009


By Chad Larson

“It’s time to nut up or shut up.”

I am quite sure that many of my friends, and especially my girlfriend, are going to grow to hate “Zombieland” because of this phrase and my uncontrollable need to use it as much as possible in my daily life since seeing the movie. I can’t help it, it’s awesome.

And so is “Zombieland.”

So few movies live up to their hype, but this one hits the nail on the head. Woody Harrelson pulls off the badass role perfectly, and there are a lot of surprises even if you’ve seen all the trailers.

The movie starts out some indeterminate period of time after the zombie outbreak started. It’s explained that the disease is a mutated form of mad cow disease, and very few people are left alive afterwards. Our main character, a nerdy and meek guy, becomes aware of it after his cute neighbor knocks on his door saying she needs help because a homeless guy tried to bite her. She falls asleep in his arms, and he wakes up the next day to her zombified and trying to eat him.

He survives because he has a set of rules that he follows, no exceptions. He’s working his way across the country, trying to get back to his family, if they are even still alive.

Names aren’t used anymore, and people are referred to by what city they came from. Therefore our main character is known as Columbus. He meets up with Tallahassee (Harrelson) on the road, and the two of them, polar opposites, head on toward the West.

Along the way, they meet up with Wichita and Little Rock, sisters who seem sweet but actually con Columbus and Tallahassee repeatedly. The sisters are trying to get to a theme park on the west coast where they had gone when they were younger. Wichita says her sister deserves to be a kid one more time.

Columbus’ goal seems to shift from getting to his family to getting in to Wichita’s pants. As they continue their travels, hilarity ensues.

A lot of people think of Zombie movies and expect a lot of blood and gore. This is actually why I don’t care for most of them, because blood and gore doesn’t do much for me. “Zombieland” is pretty light on the gore although there is some blood – but not more than you’d expect from an R-rated movie.

The humor is there in full force. I won’t spoil anything but I will say that the trailer doesn’t show all the funny stuff, and there is one big joke scene that had me rolling because it was so unexpected.

I really, really liked this movie. It’s up there with “The Hangover,” “Star Trek,” “500 Days of Summer,” and “District 9” in my favorite movies of the year. Definitely go see it, I highly recommend it.

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  1. Marfa permalink
    March 2, 2010 4:18 pm

    Very good film

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