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New Rental: Fissure

August 11, 2009


Fissure, Russ Pond’s feature directorial debut, is available for rent beginning tomorrow. But many a sci-fi fan may have already seen the first portion of the film as a multi webisode on

The story follows Detective Paul Grunning (James MacDonald) as he tries to piece together a mysterious murder while recalling his own fractured life. Grunning investigates only to find shifting testimonies and disappearing evidence. In the house are Emma, the victim’s wife, Rachel, the grad student, and Andrew, an angry son. The dead body is a local scientist.

MacDonald is easy to believe as a cop and it is a familar role for the TV actor that has taken on a variety of detective or police roles for various shows.

The story is quite unique, even to those of us who watch a little too much Sci-Fi channel but the production value and somewhat formulaic acting on a few of the character’s parts is similar to the TV stations shows rather than theatrical release. However, the solid storyline makes up for any stiffness in the grad student and son’s roles.

One of the better techniques in the film is when Grunning returns to his former family home to reemerge himself in the past. Unable to figure out what to do, he falls to his knees, only to be dragged back into the moment he was searching for, where the light brightens and the past is more alive than the present. It is truly a touching moment in the film.

What I like most about the film is that I found myself struggling to solve the mystery, no small feat as most films today are quite predictable. The premise may be science-fiction, but like good sci-fi, focuses most on the human condition. For Grunning, it is about second chances and suffering, as he struggles to fight his desire to focus on the past.

The film was shot in Dallas/Ft. Worth and premiered at the AFI Dallas International Film Festival in 2008. Behind the scenes clips and webisodes can be viewed at

Fissure is now available for rental.

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  2. August 14, 2009 4:41 pm

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