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Going Underground in Tupelo

August 7, 2009


I’ve been looking forward to the up and coming new film festival in Tupelo, appropriately dubbed the Tupelo Underground Film Festival that kicks off on Saturday for weeks now.

Starting at 5 p.m. for $5 you can watch movies at the Goodtime Charlie’s while drinking $1 beer and eating greasy food. It may not be SXSW, but for little cost and great films, you can’t beat it.

Focusing on North Mississippi filmmakers, minus the Visioneers screening, the movies begin at 5 p.m. on Saturday. All-night admission price for films $5.

Beside the film screenings there will also be local artists work on display.

The lineup will include:
Features –
“In A Trice” – dir. Glenn Payne/Derek Payne
“Visioneers” starring Zach Galifianakis – dir. Jared Drake
“Teenage Tupelo” – dir. Mike McCarthy

Shorts –
“The Shovel” – dir. Stephen Lehman
“The Mistake” – dir. Michael Williams & April Wren
“The Collectors” – dir. Daniel Lee
“Walk Away” – dir. J. Alec Hawkins
“Cookies & Milk” – dir. April Wren

Music videos-
“H.P. Lovecraft” – Cockfight Club
“Freedom Slave” – Ukajie
“18 With a Bullet” – Fingers Like Saturn
“Work for the Gooch” – The Cooters (flimed at the infamous Court St. Billiard Hall)

Artists will include Josh Rhudy, Stephania Rajacich, Virginia Robinson, Glenn Payne and more TBA!

Good Time Charlie’s is located at 2901 Eason Blvd, Tupelo MS 38801

The tentative timeline for features is:
5 pm – In A Trice
7:30 pm – Visioneers
9:30 pm – Teenage Tupelo
with shorts in between and brief intermissions

Filmmakers scheduled to attend: Glenn & Derek Payne, Ken Calloway, Mike McCarthy, Michael Williams, April Wren, Daniel Lee, J. Alec Hawkins, Russell Fox

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