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Rental Review: Bride Wars

June 26, 2009


Could two friends that have always been there for each other really be so quick to turn on each other over a clerical error?

Sure, the perfect location for the dream wedding may be some women’s big life goal (sadly) but the problem is – would their lives really be that desperate to throw their best friend away over it?

Bride Wars takes the approach that yes, despite being somewhat sane and smart women, that the bridezilla inside is quick to take over despite being the one time that the two friends truly need each other.

Starring Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway as best friends since childhood, the friends find themselves engaged within weeks of each other. Their prospective hubbies, played by Chris Pratt and Steve Howey, seem oddly calm about marriage. The two are the sane characters who hope that the brides will work their way through their madness, to no avail.

What may be the biggest problem with the film is the use of the voiceover from Candice Bergen. It makes the story like a fairytale in some sort of consumerist wedding commercial. But when moving past the forced story telling, the story itself doesn’t ever get to a point where I could believe in either of these women.

While the film finale is different than what I expected, little signposts along the way pretty much give away the end well before we ever get there (again thanks to the voiceover effect).

A light piece of fluff that is only harmful if you believe this is really how women behave once engaged, Hudson and Hathaway are, as always, delightful to watch, despite having little with which to work.

Bride Wars is now available for rent. If you are looking for a wedding film, check out Muriel’s Wedding or even Mamma Mia (if you must)

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