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Local filmmaker brings terror to Taylor

June 11, 2009


By Melanie Addington
As published in the Oxford Town

Hailed as the greatest werewolf ever made in Taylor, albeit likely the only one so far, local filmmaker Micah Ginn’s “Night of The Loup Garou” will have its world premiere Friday at The Amp.
“The Loup Garou is a werewolf. The Loup Garou lore is told across parts of Louisiana and we developed our story based on the details of the Cajun myth,” co-director Micah Ginn said.

The film stars all local actors including Rhes Low, Thad Lee, Nathan Buttrey, Scott Morris, Ace Atkins, Haven Nutt, Johnny McPhail, Tiffany Kilpatrick and Barton Segal.

Low stars as Dr. Dax Wingo, an anthrozoologist who comes to Taylor to investigate a vicious murder and a mysterious video captured on a cell phone. But mysterious events leave him and the team trapped there with no means of transportation or communication, backing them into a terrifying corner. It is now up Wingo to keep the group from coming apart at the seams as science and myth collide in a bloody battle during “The Night of the Loup Garou.”

Ginn said that while a horror film, there are more moments to laugh at than scream.
“Hopefully there will be a few moments that scare you, but more importantly, I hope there are a ton of moments to laugh. This is a 70s style B-movie, made on a very tight budget, so inevitably you’ll find something funny, whether it was intentional or not,” Ginn said.

Production was often after night fall since much of the script takes place at night. The crew often began after 8 p.m. and would work until 3 or 4 a.m. For many, the hours took their toll as they also continued their regular jobs during the day.

“It was brutal, cause we all had get up and go to our regular jobs the next day on just a few hours of sleep,” Ginn said. “Also, physically there were some obstacles. For instance, Lee ruptured a disc in his back performing his own stunts in the film. But he refused to let us hire a stuntman. He said ‘Look here, I’m gonna go in there and do this scene the way it is supposed to be done!’”

Ginn, who is also a producer/director at the Media and Documentary Projects center at Ole Miss, also spends a good part of the year planning and screening other’s films as co-director of the Oxford Film Festival. Ginn decided to strike out on his own along with co-director Matthew Notheifer and make a movie in six days last July. Now, 12 months later, the film is complete.

Co-workers Matthew Graves and Joe York also were crew for the film along with Laura Cavett who not only did significant cast work but also created the werewolf suit.

Ginn said that for him, the most important member was his wife Meta who often brought food out to the set for the crew often solving the problem of mutiny from the cast and crew, Ginn joked.

The film premieres Friday at 8 at The Amp. Although not rated, there are a few brief scary moments with the werewolf so parents should use caution. For more showtimes in its two-week run, visit The film will also play as part of the Oxford Film Festival summer series Aug. 3 at The Lyric.

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