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Tonight – Memphis Micro Cinema

June 10, 2009

For the 52nd edition of its monthly Micro Cinema Club program, Indie Memphis will present Asbury Shorts New York’s “An Evening of the World’s Best Short Films.” Now in their 29th year, Asbury Shorts New York is New York City’s longest-running annual short film exhibition, mixing classic shorts films with current festival award-winners. Since 2000, their program has toured thirteen U.S. and three European cities. Free and open to the public, the screening will take place at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, June 10 at Power House Memphis (45 G.E. Patterson Avenue). Seating capacity is limited; attendees should plan to arrive early for seating.

Please note: this program is not appropriate for younger audiences.

“An Evening of the World’s Best Short Films” features:

“Gulp” by Jason Reitman (director of “Juno” and “Thank You for Smoking”) 2001 / 8 min. / California / Sundance Film Festival – Jury Award Winner The story of one man’s quest to save his fish.

“Milton is a Sh**bag” by Courtney Davis 2004 / 4 min. / Animation / Texas Milton is a small orange kitty. He hates your guts.

“Carmichael & Shane” by Alex Weinress and Rob Carlton 2006 / 6 min. / Australia A single father has a unique approach to raising his two-year-old twin boys: pick a favorite. “

Regarding Sarah” by Michelle Porter 2006 / 13 min. / Canada An elderly woman desperately tries to record her life before she forgets it.

“The Bloody Olive” by Vincent Bal 1996 / 5 min. / Belgium The classic Christmas short film noir with its inevitable twists and turns.

“While the Widow is Away” by Adam Reid 2005 / 20 min. / New York A building superintendent makes himself at home in the posh Manhattan apartment of a bitter, lonely widow.

“Father & Daughter” by Michale Dudok deWit 2000 / 8 min. / Animation / Netherlands / Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film A young daughter longs for her absent father.

“Consent” by Jason Reitman 2004 / 6 min. / California A couple of college kids discuss a sexual consent form back at the dorm room.

“The Quality of Mercy” by Stephen Marro 2002 / 12 min. / New York A chance meeting in an espresso bar between a distinguished, older man and a beautiful, mysterious woman.

For more information, please visit or call the Indie Memphis office at 901-251-5171.

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