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Release Date: March 2, 2007 Two Weeks

March 2, 2009


There are a lot of movies about a family member dying with cancer, braving out their last days and suffering final family conflicts. Two Weeks is another in this long standing theme with Sally Fields as the dying mother. What should be a moving and inspirational story fell flat with mediocre performances from all but Fields and Ben Chaplin.


Anita Bergman – Sally Field
Keith – Ben Chaplin
Barry – Tom Cavanagh (yes, Ed)
Emily – Julianne Nicholson
Matthew – Glenn Howerton
Jim – James Murtaugh
Katrina – Clea Duvall

Anita is quickly dying and her husband seems remote and unable to care for her, leaving her daughter Emily and sons to return home for the final days. As she slips further away, sibling rivalry takes over the story and is just more of the same from any other movie involving siblings.

Also awkward are the video vignettes of Anita filmed by her son, likely near the beginning of the illness as a way to document the memory of her. It is meant to guide the story but really only irritates me with not being able to place the time context. I also don’t find them necessary for the flow of the story and instead of broadening my understanding, it pulls me out of the movie and distracts me from the characters.

I didn’t mind the movie terribly but unless you love Fields or love watching families struggle with death of a loved one, it is not the most memorable story. But I would recommend My Life with Michael Keaton if you need something to cry to.

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