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Day 1 of Film Fest

February 6, 2009


Lots of interesting things happened on the first day of the festival in Oxford. Being involved on the volunteer and coordination level, my crazy day is always Thursday as I work with people picking up filmmakers at the airport, getting set up and the first crazy day of badge pickups. To boot this year, my full-time job requires me to still cover my news beat while trying to balance film festival overload. It is a new challenge this year and I am learning even more about the importance of time management. Even more so, I am learning the importance of amazing volunteers. 

The Oxford Film Festival runs with about 100 volunteers, a handful of coordinators, and three co-directors. We all do it for the love of movies and Oxford. Our only pay being the joy of hanging out with amazing filmmakers, writers, and industry insiders for one crazy weekend. 

Last night was the premiere of local Thad Lee’s film, “Double Decker Confidential,” and the pre-theatrical screening of “Sunshine Cleaning.” I have absolutely no idea on how either film was as I was running around in the lobby, but I heard good things about them. Most of our guests have checked in, with only a few remaining set to arrive today including star of “Good Dick,” Jason Ritter. He will be here for a Q&A of his film that plays today at 8:30 p.m. 

Our first late night feature “Psycho Sleepover” finished last night’s screenings. B-movie fans seemed to enjoy the flick. But I was already out at the fantastic Donna Ruth Robert’s home for our first festival party. Afterwards, Daniel Morrow (aka Oxford Music Snob) threw our late night which ended well after I went home to grab four hours of sleep.

Last night’s big winner? Sweet Tea Vodka. 

This morning, volunteers are gearing up for the film criticism panel set to begin at 10:30 a.m. More on this later and then sometime next week a video of the event will go up on the film fest Web site.

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