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New Rental: House Bunny

January 23, 2009


The House Bunny is a fun romp through your typical Cinderella modern tale and while the star, Anna Faris plays a “vapid” Playboy bunny, her blondness only helps her sweetness. The writers of Legally Blonde take us through another tale of the dumb blond who is the hero and exceeds expectations, mostly because no one has any of her.

Colin Hanks plays the love interest, as does Hugh Hefner in a way. Hefner cracks me up eating ice cream and ignoring all his other bunnies after losing Faris.

But the bunny finds co-ed living more to her liking and quickly turns around the loser sorority to become the most popular girls. But like any good teen flick, they learn that there is more to life than being pretty and popular, being yourself is good too. Although the stylish new makeovers do seem to help that along.

Hanks, looking ever more like his dad Tom, does very little in the film and I have trouble understanding why she falls all over herself for him, but I guess that is just the way it works sometimes.

And as fun as the sorority drama is, this is really Faris’ vehicle and she does what she does best – goofy and pretty all in one.

The House Bunny is the perfect rental if you just don’t want to think. A few outlandish antics give a few laugh out loud moments, but overall, its just one of those films that don’t irritate you but don’t have too much depth. Sometimes, that is all this former blonde needs.

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