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Good News Film Fest Fans!

December 2, 2008


The new volunteer form is now up for the Oxford Film Festival at Read over the variety of volunteer options you have and sign up today! 


To become a volunteer, please fill out the online volunteer application. Read the descriptions below for different opportunities for volunteering.

We will then contact you to confirm a workable schedule. The second step will be to attend one of our volunteer meetings on either Thursday, January 22 at 5:30 p.m. or Wednesday, January 28 at 5:30 p.m.

Volunteer positions include customer service opportunities, distribution of materials, ushering, catering and other fun activities. You will learn new skills, make friends and earn passes to the Oxford Film Festival. We also have several volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

For questions related to volunteering, please email Thank you!

What kind of work will I do in Pre festival Preparation?

Badge Preparation
Volunteer will work from the comfort of their own home the week before the film festival to stuff badges and attach lanyards. Volunteers may also distribute badges to sponsors. Estimated time: 1-5 hours.

Booklet Distribution
Volunteers will use their vehicle to pick up booklets at distribution location two to three weeks before the film festival and deliver to a list of vendors across town and on campus. Estimated time: 1-10 hours.

Poster distribution
Volunteers will use their vehicle to pick up posters at distribution location two to three weeks before the film festival and deliver to a list of vendors across town and on campus. Volunteers will also tape posters at bulletin boards, etc. Estimated time: 1-10 hours.

Media contacts
Volunteer will contact local media to follow up on story ideas and press releases. Volunteer will help to prep for any media plans during film festival. Estimated time: 5-20 hours.

Bag stuffing
The best job in the film festival! Work with our coordinators to prepare the filmmakers gift bags. Estimated time: 1-10 hours.

What kind of work will I do for the Festival Volunteer Opportunities?

Shift Captain (For experienced volunteers only. )
The shift captain will be on hand to check in volunteers on the first day of the film festival and will assist the volunteer coordinator in making sure volunteers arrive on time for their shift as well as answer questions. Estimated time: 1 day of film festival for each shift captain.

Awards Ceremony/Party Support 
We have several opportunities for volunteers during the awards ceremony. Afternoon pick up times for catering, catering prep before and during the awards, ticket taker and door check, and party clean up. We also are on the lookout for the “Hoka girl” in which we ask you to dress in a fun ballgown and be on stage during the ceremony to present the Hoka award. If you love to dress up or wear fun costumes, than that is the volunteer opportunity for you! Estimated time: 4 – 8 hours

Badge Check in 
We need responsible people to hand out the badges at the front table at Malco. This includes checking names off the volunteer list, handing out filmmaker and sponsor badges, as well as trading tickets for day and weekend passes. Estimated time: All weekend.

Green Room
We need a motivated volunteer to check in during the beginning, mid and end of the day on the green room and stock supplies, clean, etc. Estimated time: All weekend.

Merchandise Info Table
This volunteer position is pretty explanatory but basically you will be at Malco and will sell t-shirts, cups, CD’s and any other merchandise. This is a cash and check only position but puts you right up front with everyone as they come to the film festival, so we like smiling faces! Estimated time: All weekend.

Sign me up for anything, I just want to help! Estimated time: You tell us!

Panel Support 
You will support the panel coordinator in setting up for panels, anything from setting up mics to making photocopies. This job may involve some pre-festival work. Estimated time: 5-20 hours.

Party Support 
There are two parties every evening of the film festival (total of 6 currently). We need volunteers willing to set up and remain at the party to change garbage, refill food plates, etc and then remain to clean up. There is an early and late shift. Estimated time: (per party) 4 hours.

We can always use people willing to be available all weekend and who have a good eye. Estimated time: all weekend.

Transportation (Airport and Festival Shuttle)
We have two major opportunities. First is airport transportation which includes picking up a filmmaker on Wednesday or Thursday before the festival and/or dropping off a filmmaker on Sunday or Monday after the festival. Airport rides provides you with $25 reimbursement and one film only festival pass. Two rides provides you with a $50 reimbursement and one Full Access pass. Estimated time: 4-5 hours.

The second opportunity is to be on call during the weekend for filmmakers to serve as a personal shuttle. This is a fun opportunity as you get one-on-one time with filmmakers. We will provide 5 hour shifts for someone to be on call throughout the weekend. Estimated time: 5 hour shifts.

Transportation does require a reliable vehicle and cell phone service. Please only responsible drivers over 18!

Ushers will provide support at the door of each theatre for patrons as well as answer questions about the film schedule. Ushers will also get a head count for each film screened at their theatre. Ushers may be asked to assist with announcing Q&A sessions as well as being alert for any technical difficulties during a screening and getting information to the co-directors. Estimated time: all weekend.

Workshop Support
Participants will be asked to do a variety of activities from working with children to get into costume and makeup to moving boxes. This is just a fun way to get involved with the movie making process. Estimated time: 2-8 hours.

What kind of work will I do for the Monthly Screenings and Workshops?

Volunteers for the monthly screenings will be asked to help with set up 1-2 hours before the screening and miscellaneous work during the screening, from ushering to ticket sales, merchandise sales, etc. Estimated time: 4-8 hours per month.

What do I wear as a volunteer?

We are pretty casual at the Oxford Film Festival and we just ask for you to dress as your unique self. Bearing that in mind, we do have the volunteer lanyard and sticker that will either say your title (USHER) or ASK ME! The only dress requirement is for the Hoka girl volunteer in which we ask you to dress in a fun ballgown. If you love to dress up or wear fun costumes, than that is the volunteer opportunity for you!

What hours do I work as a volunteer?

That is up to you, however, we ask that you try to work your hours as one shift rather than breaking it up over the weekend. Here is the breakdown of volunteer hours equivalent to free passes:
2-4 hours gets you a day pass
5-8 hours gets you a festival pass for films only
9+ hours gets you a full pass including parties

These hours include the yearly events as well as pre-festival preparation.

What benefit is there to being a volunteer?

Besides having a fun time at the film festival, being a volunteer gets you in free to the events. Based on how many hours you volunteer is what access you have to events. (2-4 hours gets you a day pass, 5-8 hours gets you a festival pass for films only, 9+ hours gets you a full pass including parties). Being a volunteer is a great way to make new friends and learn more about the behind-the-scenes action at a film festival.

How do I become a volunteer?

Just fill out our online application and we will be in touch. If you know someone who would like to volunteer but can not access the online information, then have them contact Melanie Addington at (662) 801-6007.

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