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Death of film criticism..Ebert explains

November 28, 2008

ebert_blogRoger Ebert wrote a beautiful scathing review on Wednesday regarding critics and newspapers that are slowly choking them out. With the news of AP cutting down to a 500-word limit for entertainment articles, the industry has become filled with quick “news” bits on where actresses get their hair done, or who is dating who. As Ebert puts it so eloquently, “We used to be the town crier. Now we are the neighborhood gossip.” The article is well written, but what is the best part is the dialogue in the comment box on for a thought provoking and insightful warning from someone who should know:

Roger Ebert


A newspaper film critic is like a canary in a coal mine. When one croaks, get the hell out. The lengthening toll of former film critics acts as a poster child for the self-destruction of American newspapers, which once hoped to be more like the New York Times and now yearn to become more like the National Enquirer. We used to be the town crier. Now we are the neighborhood gossip.

The crowning blow came this week when the once-magisterial Associated Press imposed a 500-word limit on all of its entertainment writers. The 500-word limit applies to reviews, interviews, news stories, trend pieces and “thinkers.” Oh, it can be done. But with “Synecdoche, New York?”

For more of the article visit his blog.

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