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Film Festival Secrets Book Now Available

October 15, 2008

Chris Holland, one of the best film folk I know, has put out the book that will finally answer all the questions you want to know as a filmmaker. Why am I being rejected from every festival (it may not be that your film just sucks), how do I start on the fest circuit, what do I do once I am there, what’s the difference between Sundance and the Idaho Film festival (I don’t know if that is a fest or not, just an example), what kind of label should I put on the envelope I send with my screener, etc.

Film Festival Secrets: A handbook for independent filmmakers is now available at Amazon and will have its special unveiling at the Austin Film Festival this weekend. 

I’ve read all the chapters and it is a light easy read but definitely something to get your hands on and highlight the heck out of helpful advice. You can read it online, but I recommend the print copy to carry with you on those many, many plane trips you will have while on the fest circuit. It is $24.95 at Amazon.

Film Festival Secrets will help you:

• Select the right festival for your film
• Prepare your festival screener
• Save money on festival fees
• Create marketing collateral
• Craft a screening sell-out plan

Oxford FIlm Fest co-director Michelle Emanuel is even quoted in there (so you know it’s good!)

I can’t tell you how many of the questions I get from new filmmakers are answered in this book. READ IT! 

And for you fest programmers out there, it helps us too. Lots of good advice on how we can be helping filmmakers to understand the process a little bit more as well (and ourselves).

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