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****October 12 Release, 2007, Michael Clayton

October 12, 2008

Make believe it’s not just madness….

What interests me the most about Michael Clayton is the urgency in which the film opens. Tom Wilkinson as the manic-depressive attorney Arthur Edens compels you to keep paying attention even as George Clooney’s character Michael Clayton slowly develops through a poker game and late night attorney call after a hit and run. While the music is compelling, what makes Clayton leave his car at the convenient moment when it happens to explode? As we are wondering, the movie rewinds to four days earlier.
Throughout the film, Clayton’s struggles as a divorced father and stressed lawyer are not nearly as compelling as the moments when Edens (Tom Wilkinson) is on screen. His performance was truly outstanding. From there, the film is just a great character study of Clayton, watching his work against Tilda Swinton’s character in this intriguing business thriller. The thrill is watching some of the greatest performances of 2007.
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