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September 14th Release, 2007, Brave One

September 14, 2008

I had difficulty the The Brave One, yet I actually liked it better than I thought I would. Starring Jodie Foster as Erica Bain, she and fiance David (Lost star Naveen Andrews) are walking through the park with their dog when a bunch of punks attack them and end up killing him. She survives after quite a bit of time recovering in the hospital, but mentally can’t quite heal. Terrance Howard plays the Detective that begins investigating a series of murders and befriends Bain after her attack.

What is fascinating about the film is the interplay between Howard and Foster. As the viewer, we know that she knows more than she reveals to him and you can see her desire to confess to him, and yet, her mixed emotions to continue what she is doing. For Howard, you see his conflict as a compassionate human who understands her pain and his need to follow the law.

You wish to see Foster as a vigilante develop as an amazing character on screen, but instead the movie weakens as she begins attacking the men who originally attacked her. Had the movie gone in a different direction, I believe I would have loved it. Instead, we somehow are forced to follow the traditional Hollywood path of her able to get the vengeance she needs and getting away with it, only to be happily reunited with her puppy.


A weak way to go seeing as the gritty story could have done so much more.

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  1. September 16, 2010 1:03 pm

    I was a lot more impressed with this than Kevin Bacon’s male-centric revenge movie Death Sentence. That’s because I thought Jodie Foster was good in the film but I particularly liked Terrance Howard…I think Howard’s one of the best actors working in Hollywood at the moment.

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