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Zombies Play in Louisville

September 7, 2008

Zombies and Dust to Dust MOVIE PREMIERE!

The first and final showing on the big screen!

The 30-minute adventure comedy (more emphasis on the comedy though), will have a screening in Louisville at the Northgate Cinema 4 on Monday evening at 8pm. If you have yet to see this fun film, then you are lucky that you don’t have that tagline stuck in your head, I  kill zombies, it’s what I do. Cause once you’ve seen it, it sticks, and forces you to keep laughing when anyone says anything even slightly similar. So, be warned.

Here’s more info from the guys at Ghost Town Productions:

Dust to Dust is a 30 minute zombie adventure comedy starring Cameron Spann as grizzled, gun-flashing hero Joel Pishano. It will be on the big screen for one night only in Louisville, MS. Don’t miss it!

Tickets will cost $5 each and will be available through Johnson or at the box office in Louisville during the week leading up to the premiere.

DVD’s will be available for sale for the first time at the premiere as will brand new t-shirt designs.

We will open the night with Zombies, the experimental first episode in The Blackest Dawn Chronicles. It will feature a brand new musical score from composer Kevin Holdiness.

And who knows what other never-before-seen goodies might make their way up on the big screen before the night is over!

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