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September 1, 1928 Release: Our Dancing Daughters

September 1, 2008

Although difficult to watch any Joan Crawford film without thinking of wire hangers, Our Dancing Daughters is one that is bearable due to its fantastic ensemble cast and interesting class and generational war storyline. At 23, Crawford stands out as one of the great performers in her role as Diana, a fun loving flapper girl, that inwardly quite virtuous and idealistic. Her friend Anne, a selfish and amoral kinda gal, steals away boy toy Ben. Diana struggles with being alone and then Anne, the bad seed, falls down the stairs to her death during one of her drunken episodes.

The film deals with the class struggles in America with the rich portrayed as the morally depraved characters. But Diane, the struggling party girl is virtuous. Its a must see for anyone who wants a better perspective on film history.

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