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Tupelo Filmmaker Casting for B-Movie

August 9, 2008

From Daniel Lee – Contact him here if interested in the part.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, it appears that a principal actor for my upcoming sequel to OCHO has fallen off the face of the earth.
So, I’m gonna hafta find somebody else to fill the part.
I need a 1950s style juvenile delinquent girl that can make herself look kinda like Bettie Page

Tura Satana

Or maybe Traci Lords from Crybaby:

If you fit the bill or know somebody who does that wants to be a switchblade wielding bad-girl in a bad 50s style B-movie… send me an email.

Acting skills really aren’t required. If you suck as an actor, it would probably make the movie better! All you really gotta do is sell that you’re rebellious and badassed.
No nudity or sex scenes required. You don’t have to kiss any strange actors and get their cooties, so no worries about your boyfriend getting jealous.

The only downside is that you won’t get paid. But pay is overrated. You’d just blow the money anyways, and film-immortality is priceless! I’m not ripping you off. I’ve never made a dime at movies.

The most important thing is that you have a good attitude about making bad movies, live close enough to make the drive down to northeast Mississippi (or already live here) and don’t mind making a ham out of yourself.

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