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Reminder – Indie Film Showcase on Thursday!

August 5, 2008

The State Theatre’s

Indie Film Showcase

A Celebration of Local Cinema

When: August 7th at 7pm

Where: State Theatre — 217 E. Main St — Starkville, MS How Much: $5 admission

The Indie Film Showcase at the State Theatre in Downtown Starkville, MS is a collection of short films produced by local filmmakers from Hattiesburg, Jackson, Tupelo, Tuscaloosa, and The Golden Triangle Area. On August 7th at 7pm, over 15 short films made by local filmmakers will be screened to the public in what is guaranteed to be a night of entertaining films that will satisfy anyone interested in independent cinema.

Please come to the State Theatre on August 7th at 7pm to discover, celebrate, and support the thriving local independent film community.

For more information Contact Michael Williams: or visit

The Line Up:


{Films recently produced in the state that are nearing completion}


Beyond The Forest

Chasing the White Dragon

The Films:

Trigger & Sledge

4:00 min

Directed by: Josh Hollis

Two hard-nosed, tough-as-nails cops try to stop an evil Asian druglord


the name of The White Dragon from destroying the city with his white

powder of death!

The Devil and Tom Walker

11:43 min

Written and Directed by: Zachary Howell

Produced by: Zachary Howell and Richard Collins

Starring: Turner Crumbley, Edward Saint Pe’, Heather Thurgood, Guinn

Terry Davis, Justin Bickham

While attempting to make his way home through the woods, Tom Walker

tumbles upon a mysterious figure known to the local townspeople as Old

Scratch. He proposes a deal to Tom to relieve him of his financial

burdens, and after the disappearance of his wife the next day, Tom

decides to take the offer. One year later Old Scratch returns to find

Tom wealthy, but his final part of their agreement doesn’t’t concern


Good Commitment:


3:22 min

Directed by: Kary Rogers

Written by: James Comans, Kary Rogers, Gabe Smith

Starring: James Comans, Kary Rogers, Gabe Smith

Three urbane men about town go on holiday.

The Second-Most Hated Family in America

5:52 min

Directed by: Kary Rogers

Written by: Kary Rogers and James Comans

Starring: Tucker Colburn, James Comans, Kary Rogers, Casey Rowe, Derek


Second only to the controversial Phelps Family of Westboro Baptist

Church, the

members of Eastboro Baptist spread their message of meat-on-meat evil.

Man vs Wilderness

4:00 min

Directed by: Kary Rogers

Assistant Director: James Comans

Written by: Kary Rogers

Starring: Kary Rogers

Your host, Badger Wylls, shows you how to survive the untamed wild in

the hot, new show “Man vs Wilderness.”

Bible Belted

26:00 min

Directed By: Corey Hart

Produced By: Colt Covington, Matt Gospodinovich, and Corey Hart

Bible Belted documents a small group of street preachers and the

freedom of belief

and speech among residents of a small southern town.

What Happened?

5:00 min

Written, Directed, and Produced by April Wren

Director of Photography: Johnson Thomasson

Edited by: Michael Williams

Starring: April Wren, Cameron Spann, and Johnson Thomasson

Kate is in trouble and calls her good friend Chance for help. Being


great guy that he is, he rushes to her side, but little does he know

how messed up Kate’s situation really is…

Cookies and Milk

6:00 min

Written, Directed, and Produced by April Wren

Director of Photography and Editor: Michael Williams

Starring: April Wren and Wes Pumphrey


6:00 Min

Written, Directed, and Produced by Michael Williams

Starring: April Wren and Davis Manning

A short film shot on black and white 16mm Film that explores a

controversial issue from perspective that is rarely represented.

Faithful Departed

3:18 min

Directed by: Daniel Lee

Starring: Chris McDaniels, Andrea Scott

A desperate man tries to find a way to cheat death. Shot in an unusual,

expressionist style.


6:53 min

Directed by: Daniel Lee

Starring: John Wiseman, Sabrina McLarty

A man is haunted by a figure that may be himself. Experimental.

Zombies: From the Blackest Dawn Chronicles

5:31 min

Written By: Cameron Spann and Johnson Thomasson

Directed By: Johnson Thomasson

Starring: Cameron Spann as Joel Pishano and Johnson Thomasson as Zombie


Dust to Dust: From the Blackest Dawn Chronicles

25:00 min

A Ghost Town Productions Film

Directed and Produced by: Johnson Thomasson

Screenplay by: Cameron Spann and Johnson Thomasson

Dust to Dust, the 2nd installment of a miniseries “From the Blackest

Dawn Chronicles”, is a 25 minute episode full of unforgettable

one-liners, fast-paced zombie action, a tiny bit of real drama, and a

rocking original score from the brilliant composer Kevin Holdiness.

Christmas Cookies:

4:30 min

Directed and Produced by Dave Kilgo

A mother whips up a batch of holiday cookies, with one odd ingredient.

Preachers Daughter

5:00 min

Directed by: Chris West

Written by: Alan Lazer

Produced by: Dave Kilgo

A troubled preacher is reunited with his estranged son.

Below the Surface: New War

4:21 min

Directed by: Dave Kilgo

Visiting a fallen friend, two soldiers can’t help but be reminded of

the tragic war

Orbis Romanus

14:00 min

Directed and Produced by: Edward Saint Pe’ and Austin Haley

Executive Producer: Edward Saint Pe’

Associate Producer: Lois Lovelady

Director of Photography:Matt Kimbourgh

Starring: Heather Thurgood, David Cruz, Edward Saint Pe’

Orbis Romanus is the backstory to the battle of Tutenburg

Forest….Romes’s greatest defeat …at the hands of German Tribesmen in

9 A.D…..remembered as the “Battle that stopped Rome.” On the eve of

the ambush the Roman, Saturius Aurelius …an “exploretore”…a

uniformed spy for the XVI Legion….who is retiring from service is

approached in secret by a German tribal chief…who is an ally to

Rome….the German tells of news of a possible ambush of the Roman

troops within the next 48 hrs…Saturius delays his return home to his

wife….and takes on the mission of going behind enemy

lines …to find out the truth…. along the way…. he discovers


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