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New Review: Wall-E

July 30, 2008

What can I say about Wall-E? I loved how they were able to make an entire story and show a full range of emotions with limited language, but overall, the story was just another Pixar movie for me. However, it was interesting that Pixar introduced live characters into their animation, and suprisingly, I didn’t even notice. I was aware of what I was seeing, but it never irritated me and it just fit seamlessly into the movie. But that may because Fred Williard is somewhat cartoonish himself.

If for some reason you are one of 5 people who have not yet seen it, then it is worth a big screen viewing as some of the animation is lovely (of course, it’s Pixar!). True, the movie made me feel guilty for being human, as did Soylent Green, but more than an a warning film, this is a love story. Wall-E meets EVE, a new upgraded female robot and loves her unconditionally, even when she goes comatose for weeks (months?). Guys could take a lesson from Wall-E who takes care of EVE, wrapping her up in Christmas lights and guiding her around his world. He even leaves his own world to be with her in hers, and its sweet. Wall-E is like one of the old silent films where emotion is expressed by the body rather than words, and it makes the film a little more universal that it doesn’t have such American characters (that is until you meet the humans who are all American!).

Andrew Stanton (Pixar) actually created the concept of Wall-E before Toy Story but the story got pushed back when creating Monsters, Inc and because they were unsure of whether they should make a love story or not. Most Pixar films are friends and family, not love so it was a bit of stretch, however it seems to have paid off. In designing Wall-E the influence of their logo, Luxo, Jr. (the lamp that bounces around) is evident in the eyes. The director has also said that he may have been influenced by Short Circuit (Johnny 5) and really since the previews I have noticed the similarity in the characters.

But besides the love story, Wall-E is a science fiction film. Unlike the typical gloom of the genre, Pixar has made an optimistic – albeit still scary future world. There is hope in this future – there is the possibility of change, and of renewal. And that, is what makes this a  great message film for kids. They can be the change.


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