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New Review – Made of Honor ***

June 9, 2008

Although Made of Honor is nothing but unoriginal, it is still a pleasant enough journey along with the lovely Patrick Dempsey and adorable Michelle Monaghan. Although I in no way can understand why she would pick the noncommital, idiotic friend that was blind to her for years over the hottie Scot, the story has the typical girl ending and to my surprise does not end up exactly like My Best Friend’s Wedding.

The movie is PG-13 but is pretty clean cut, like most romantic comedies. Perhaps there are some sexual references and a few scenes in their college days that make the rating worth it. The formula is your typical friends discover love story while comedy of errors ensues, but the chemistry between the two is what makes the film worth a viewing. Along the way, Dempsey’s character discovers alot about women and mellows on his bachelor ways. But really who cares? This is Dempsey at his best. He has always been fantastic at romantic comedies (I still adore Can’t Buy Me Love and watch it regularly) and has the charm to carry the film.

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