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Touring Doc Comes to Oxford

May 23, 2008


As Printed in the Oxford Town

“Considering Democracy: 8 Things to Ask Your Representative,” the new documentary by Keya Lea Horiuchi screened in Oxford at the Powerhouse on Tuesday to a small crowd. The new director of the Yoknapatawpha Arts Council, Wayne Andrews, was on hand and joined in the lively conversation about politics, media, corporations and world views of Americans. The documentary takes us to various parts of the world to see how people think about Americans.

However, the film goes further in finding eight inter-connected ideas on American values, lifestyle and politics. The film is broken into segments that end with the questions we should be asking as elections draw closer.

Horiuchi interweaves the ideas to make a cohesive one hour story. As part of the discussion after the film, an audience member asked if she felt she was preaching to the choir in showing this film, “because I bet you there is not one Republican in this audience.”The filmmaker looked out at the audience as we all shook our head in agreement. “Oddly enough, I’m a registered Republican,” she revealed.

Horiuchi brought the film here as part of the national tour due to the debates. She’s been touring from state to state with the film for two years. Before becoming a filmmaker she was a teacher on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Colorado.She started on the film in 2004. “I thought this is great, it’s such a great medium, I’m going to quit my job and travel around the world and see what other people think [about Americans],” said Horiuchi. She toured the world for about five months until she ran out of her retirement fund. “I don’t know what drives me really.” However, as part of her traveling, she hopes to open up the dialogue with voters.

Several audience members asked questions about her travels and what she didn’t show on camera.“More often than not people were willing to give their point of view. But, by and large, a lot of interesting things happened when I put the camera away,” she said. “When you are traveling you do see the effects of our foreign policy.”

Horiuchi is considering bring-ing the film back to Oxford as the debates draw closer. For now, you can see clips and find out more information about the film at

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