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Tupelo Film Fest Review – Cough Drop ***1/2

May 20, 2008

I saw Cough Drop at the Tupelo Film Festival and thought it was one of the stronger films. Written and directed by Kristina Lear as part of her fellowship with the AFI Workshop for Women. The short opens with 10 year old Kate (Julia Di Angelo). James LeGros (Ally McBeal) plays her jerky father who cusses like a sailor and treats her like an adult at perhaps too young an age. Marin Hinkle (Judith on Two and a Half Men) plays her concerned mother after she discovers cough drops in Kate’s backpack. And she should be concerned.

On her way home from school, Greg Pierson (creepily played by David Warshofsky) pulls up in his car to where she is walking. After telling her that he doesn’t have any candy to offer, in order to intice her into the car for a ride, she gets in against her better judgement. Lear has a way of keeping the tension quite taut throughout the story as you wait for the expected terrible event to happen. And then, it doesn’t. Lear undercuts our expectations with a surprise ending. While I didn’t necessarily like the ending, as a directorial debut, Lear has my attention. I am ready for more.

Jayson Crothers, cinematographer, has several upcoming films as well and I will look for him. His work is lovely. Look for his work in the upcoming Leaving Barstow.

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