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My Top 5 Faves from Tupelo Film Fest

May 18, 2008

#5 – *** Escape From 13 is a delightful animated short from Tupelo filmmaker Russell Fox. I’m always a little weary of animation but was pleasantly surprised when SongShine Entertainment’s production quality was fairly top notch for new filmmakers. For anyone who’s ever been to Tupelo, they’ll recognize the set up as Vanelli’s Restaurant. The movie won a Reely Award for Made in Mississippi.

# 4 – *** Melungeon Voices is an interesting documentary on the multi-ethnic melungeons who have lived in the Appalachians for hundreds of years.

#3 – **** Book of Wisdom is a delightful comedy produced by Josh Kimmel who also stars as the main quirky character. The Canadian film won second place for Best Short.

# 2 – **** Standing on a Whale is an experimental animation that has some amazing imagery and beautifully contrasted transitions. The film won a Reely for experimental/animation.

#1 ***** English Language (with English subtitles) easily won my favorite of the fest with its quirky British humor and playful filmmaking. The British have a long history of breaking the fourth wall in theatrical releases and in some film, but this short does a lovely job with it. The play on language, and subtext beneath it, was what won me over to put this as first place though. The film won the Reely for Best Short.

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