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New Theater Releases Today

May 16, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian has been receiving pretty strong reviews so far. The second story in the C.S. Lewis classic series, Prince Caspian brings the royal four back to Narnia one year later. However, in Narnian time it has been 1300 years and in the spirit of sequels, it has become a much darker place. Animals are exiled to the woods and a new evil leader, Miraz, has taken over. The four must help the rightful heir, Prince Caspian, to save the kingdom. Many reviewers have said that the film takes the enchantment of the first film and replaces it with battle scenes. However, you can’t really deny that is what the second book is about anyway. Ben Barnes stars as the title role and has some experience in mystical works being that he was Young Dunstan Thorn in Stardust. Still, this is his first big role and I look forward to seeing what he offers.

The movie opens today at the Malco theater.

Limited (Or the ones we won’t see in Oxford)

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