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Incentive Package Signed by Governor

May 14, 2008

Good news filmmakers! Haley Barbour signed the bill for the new incentive package for any film or TV production in MS. The bill took effect May 9th and will provide a 20% rebate on production’s local spending. It will also provide a 25% rebate on Mississippi resident salaries and 20% on non residents. Films have to spend at least $20,000 and a cap of $20 million per year ($8 million per project) in order to get the rebate.

According to the Mississippi Business Journal, “unnamed insiders say the bill was spurred by filmmaker Gary Ross’ dilemma whether to film his next movie project in Mississippi or Louisiana. Ross, best known for producing the blockbuster Seabiscuit, has made noise about filming an historical movie near Laurel.”

According to the Hattiesburg American, “In 2006, the state broke ground on the Mississippi Film Centre, designed to boost the number of skilled film crew members in the state and encourage more movies to shoot here. The facility was located on 25 acres in Canton, where the movies “My Dog Skip” and “A Time To Kill” were filmed.”

For more information on filming in Mississippi visit Mississippi Film Guide.


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