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Tupelo Film Festival Review – Abraham’s Bakery

May 13, 2008

Aaron Davidson was 14 when he first picked up a camera. Now at 18 he is about to graduate from high school and he has already premiered films at festivals across the country including a retrospective of his films at the San Diego International Children’s Film Festival. “I always loved watching film and television and even when I was young would always want to use my dad’s cameras, so after awhile he finally
let me and it was really fun to film things I was interested in,” said Davidson.

When he was 14 he took a filmmaking workshop at the Miami Children’s Museum which provided him with the fundamentals. ” I’ve been making films ever since, and have had my films screened at festivals around the country so, I am really happy that my film has made it to the Tupelo Film Festival.” He continued to work on his own, making short claymation films (including Clay Achen), then moving into experimental (Leaf Me Alone) and finally working towards documentaries. And that is what he is about to screen at the Tupelo Film Festival. A short documentary on Abraham’s Bakery, an old fashioned Jewish bakery in Florida.

“It was a place I knew since I was very little. My parents always took me there, it’s where we always buy our bread and baked stuff from. I always loved the smells and always looked towards the back where they bake everything. Things are changing so fast in Miami, so I thought I should make a film about it as a record of an ‘old fashioned bakery.’ I hope it will be around for a long time, but it will always be around in my film,” said Davidson.

Filmmaker Aaron Davidson (left) with baker at Abraham’s Bakery. (Photo Courtesy of Aaron Davidson)

The bakery has been around for over 30 years and is still going strong. Davidson takes us on a behind the scenes tour, watching the bakers as they create Challah, humantashen, croissants, and even frost a cake. The documentary is short, so we don’t learn much about the people behind the dough, but what the film does is provide mouth watering images of this lovely place highlighting devoted customers who have been loyal for years. It is clear the film is made by a student film maker but one that definitely has a way of visually drawing the audience in with tempting imagery. I look forward to seeing what is next for this young filmmaker.

Abraham’s Bakery premieres Thursday at 3:55 at the Lyric Theater as part of the Tupelo Film Festival. It is a good representation of young filmmaker’s work and will play with a block of other short films including West Point’s Michael Williams, “Imagine Me A Hero.” For more about the Tupelo film Festival, visit their site.


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